LIBERAL Democrat leader Nick Clegg has been named Deputy Prime Minister in a historic UK coalition government.

Backed by the Olive Press, ‘El Clegg’ reached a landmark deal with the Conservatives to power share.

After no party gained an absolute majority, Clegg sided with the Tories to oust Gordon Brown from the top job.

David Cameron has now been named Prime Minister – ending 13 years of Labour rule.

Clegg – married to Spaniard Miriam Gonzalez – called for the most in-depth, thorough and relevant green legislation of any of the competing parties.

Having won this newspaper’s vote, the Lib Dems have now agreed to form the UK’s first coalition government since the Second World War.

Multilingual Clegg – who has three Spanish-named children – said: “I hope that this is the start of the new politics I always believed in.

“We are politicians, clearly, of different political parties, but I believe we are now united in wishing to tackle the immense challenges this country faces and deliver a fairer, better Britain.”

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