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‘JUST THE JOB’ as Orihuela mayor is accused of taking €200,000 for work he never did on Spain’s Costa...

ORIHUELA mayor, Emilio Bascuñana, will go to court to answer a charge that he embezzled over €200,000 of public money over a non-existent job. The...

Ultra right-wing extremists blamed for Molotov attack on Podemos HQ in Spain’s Murcia region

AN explosive device was thrown last night (April 1) into the Cartagena office of the far-left Podemos party and slogans daubed over the front...

Partido Popular ousted from running Murcia City Council in Spain for first time since 1995

THE Partido Popular(PP) has been removed from running Murcia City Council after 26 years of control. A censure motion was passed by just one vote...

COMMENT: Valencia President Ximo Puig deserves credit for COVID fightback on Spain’s Costa Blanca but why can’t we raise...

THERE is no disputing the amazing turnround in the Valencian Community's COVID-19 crisis which saw the virus running amok in January to make it...

EXPLAINER: Left right, left right, centre, reverse – why Spain’s political landscape is in turmoil again

They say that a week is a long time in politics… And this week in Spain, that adage runs particularly true. Spain has seen an...

Podemos leader steps down as Spain’s deputy PM to fight battle for Madrid

PABLO Iglesias, leader of the radical left Podemos group has announced his decision to step down as Deputy Prime Minister in the coalition government of Pedro...

THE POWER GAME as Murcia’s Partido Popular president Fernando Lopez Miras overturns next week’s likely ousting

A move to oust the Partido Popular-led Murcia government next week has unexpectedly collapsed this morning(March 12). Today's shock development came after three Ciudadanos members...

Madrid shock: Regional leader Isabel Diaz Ayuso triggers snap election with resignation

Madrid’s conservative leader Isabel Diaz Ayuso stepped down and dissolved the right-wing coalition regional government on Wednesday triggering a snap election. The shock move, described...

Partido Popular could be ousted from controlling Spain’s Murcia region for the first time since mid-nineties

CORRUPTION allegations are behind a shock move that could end the Partido Popular's 26-year grip on Murcia's regional government. An unexpected motion of censure was...

CATALAN ELECTION RESULTS: Socialist party wins, pro-independence platform obtain best ever combined result and Vox enter parliament

IT is now 11.30 pm on election night in Catalunya, and the final results are just in. Predictions published earlier this evening fell short in...

BREAKING: Predicted results of Catalan elections suggest victory for pro-independence sector

IT is now 8 pm on election day in Catalunya, and the first predicted results are just coming through on regional television station TV3. According...

Catalan election day kicks off according to plan

However, not everyone is happy with the way things are going.

Spain’s Supreme Court confirms 18-month removal of Catalunya’s president

SPAIN'S Supreme Court judges have unanimously ruled that Catalunya president, Quim Torra, should be removed from his position. They upheld last December's Catalunya court verdict...

Mayor in power for 30 years faces corruption quiz on Spain’s Costa Blanca

LOS MONTESINOS mayor, Jose Manuel Butron, could be thrown out of office if he is found guilty of harassment, bribery, and prevarication charges. Butron has...

Spanish judge turns to UK to investigate destruction of card stolen from Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias’ former adviser

The investigation is key in determining if Iglesias deliberately manipulated and disabled the card

Fear of coronavirus responsible for low turnout at 8-M Women’s Rights rally, according to Spain’s Equality Minister Irene Montero

IRENE Montero has been caught off camera blaming fear of the coronavirus as the reason why the 8-M march didn’t have as many people as previous years.

PSOE politician in Andalucia apologises for his comments comparing Basque nationalist party Bildu and Spain’s Guardia Civil, regarding terrorism

A DEPUTY Mayor in Jaen province has had to apologise for his comments comparing the Basque nationalist party Bildu and the Guardia Civil, in regards to terrorism.

Spanish Government secures enough votes for final extension to state of emergency

PEDRO Sanchez has reportedly secured enough support for a sixth and final extension to the state of emergency.

British expat urges self-employed in Spain to support new autonomo political party

A BRITISH expat on the Costa del Sol explains why he joined the newly formed A.P.E (SOMOS AUTONOMOS INICIATIVA POLITICA) and what his role is.

Spain’s PSOE party accuses VOX of ‘hate crimes’ for spreading false COVID-19 information

The complaint stems from a series of tweets from Vox back on January 18 and again between April 2 and 7 aimed at the PSOE

Spain’s Deputy Prime Minister, Carmen Calvo, recovers from coronavirus and returns to work

CARMEN Calvo announces she has recovered from COVID-19 and is returning to work.

Nearly 90% of Spaniards believe opposition parties should support the Government through the COVID-19 crisis

A RECENT study has suggested that 87.8% of Spaniards believe the opposition parties should support the Government through the coronavirus crisis.

COVID-19: Government steps in to stop private clinics hiking up coronavirus testing costs

THE Government has revealed measures to ensure the nation's private testing clinics are not hiking prices, putting the most vulnerable in danger. In a press...

Vox wants to remove free healthcare for non residents in Spain during the coronavirus crisis

VOX has asked to remove free healthcare for non residents during the state of emergency.

Spain repeals law allowing businesses to fire staff if they have taken too many sick days

THE coalition government has repealed a law that allowed businesses to dismiss workers if they had accumulated too much medical leave.

Electric cars at an ‘early stage’ as minister reveals 98% use of fossil fuels

One percent of all vehicles are powered to some extent by electricity, in figures released in Parliament recently,