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New investigation as Tony King blames Robbie Graham and Dolores Vazquez for murder in two letters

CONVICTED costa killer Tony King has pointed the finger at Robbie Graham and Dolores Vazquez in two letters written to the mother of murdered teenager Rocio Wanninkhof.

Briton King, who is currently serving 19 years in prison in Herrera de La Mancha for the murder, wrote 23 pages on the request of Alicia Hornos explaining ‘in full detail’ how the killing was carried out.

Now the mother of the murdered girl is calling to re-open the investigation into her daughter’s death.

In the letters, both written in English, King admits he was involved in the murder in October 1999 for money, but he maintains he only helped move the body and wrap it in plastic.

More enlighteningly, he puts the blame on both his former boss Robbie Graham and Dolores Vazquez, who recently launched a lawsuit against the state requesting compensation for the 17 months she spent behind bars.

Before his trial, King told the Olive Press, timeshare salesman Graham had told him what to do.

Now he claims Vazquez actually killed Rocio while Graham, held her down.

Vazquez, the former lesbian lover of Rocio’s mother Hornos was originally charged with the murder of the Mijas youngster but was later acquitted.

However Hornos has now made a request to the Fuengirola Instruction Court, to start investigating the claims in the letters.

She said: “It surprised me King was so sincere and that he wrote everything in such a pacific way.”

And she rejected the suggestion that he was looking for a shorter sentence.

“King has already lost everything” she added.

In addition to his sentence for the murder of Wanninkhof, King is serving 36 years for killing Sonia Caravantes in Coín, and another seven years for an attempted rape of a girl in Benalmádena.

Wendy Williams

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  1. Hi, I think there’s prob a lot of truth in what Tony king is saying about Robbie Graham & dolores vazquez having read the book costa killer which reads a very gruesome insight in to this circle of people living on the costs del sol a excellent book that will change your thoughts on what really happen !!

  2. I would like to say a few words on behalf of my son Tony King who is so anxious for Roccios mother to receive a dossier he wrote for her, he so wants justice for the death of her daughter as we his family do, the pain of losing his own beloved daughter aged ten in circumstances we find suspicious is terrible. whichg The pain cripples us we know how Roccios mother and family feel the pain never goes away only gets worse. The papers Tony wrote are awaiting her at her solicitors office but they are reluctant to pass them on. I feel strongly that Roccios mother knows Tony did not kill her daughter he had no connection to Roccio he only worked for Robbie graham doing jobs for him he so regrets this .The suggestion that Tony is only looking for a shorter sentence is madness but I his mother knows this is not right Tony has maintained from the start these facts are true all his witness where rejected not being allowed to say what they know WHY they gave him no chance, being disabled and only a pensi.oner i was not able to come to Spain to support my son he went through all this on his own it grieves me deeply I pray to God every day to show me a way to uncover all this my hopes are with Roccios Mother who I admire very much and would love to join her in her quest to get real justice for her daughter. I humbly put my views forwards hopeing Roccios mother will read this and know I share her pain

  3. i do not understand why the solictors will not pass this letter/paper work on to roccios mother! the spanish has a very funny way about going about stuff! it would be interesting to know what tony has to say in this dossier about what really happened? why didnt he bring this up when he 1st got arrested? i think all 3 of there were in it together & tony was the fall guy, i feel that him & graham were responsable for the murder of the girl from motril maria fernandez, why havent they found robbie graham yet where has he disappeared too & how dont they know he aint out there commiting more sick crimes this poor excuse for a man needs to be found & placed in the same jail as king!!! jon clarke wrote the book on the costa killer hes also the editor of the oliva press what are your thoughts on this case now ?

  4. Well first and foremost this is most certainly Tony’s mum…and she has a very good point!
    I did indeed write a book on the case and have always maintained both Graham and king were involved….and possibly others!
    Graham is still at large and a v dangerous man… I would not want to live in his road.


  5. King is ALSO serving time for the murder of Sonia Caravantes and the attempted rape of another young girl who may have also ended up dead. I notice Tony does not claim to have had ‘help’ in the other two cases.

    I have not read the book and will certainly do so.

    I remember the case but not well enough to give an opinion, if I remember a cigarette butt was found belonging to Dolores and this was the only proof connecting her to her involvement is that right ?

    Jon Clarke could you please post the DNA evidence here ,in between time I shall buy an edition of your book. Thanks and happy holidays. x

  6. you have def got to read book rocki its a really gripping book that will open your views on this very sad true story case.. Thats a good point rocki jon why has king wanted to help out more in this case and written to rocios mother & put every thing in such a pacific detail way in this 23 page dossier? jon also has any one come out & explained what has been written in this dossier and when tony wrote these letters at begining of january 2011 why still in september 2011 have they not been passed on by her mothers solictors my thoughts are i think king is sitting in a small prison cell knowing that he’s looking at them 4 walls for the next 30years knowing that he wasnt the only one there that night & thinking that he wants the rest of the guilty party behind there with him, i aint read book for a few years now but im going to read it again but from memory i think it was kings cigarette butt found at the scene of crime but that evidence would not come too light till his ex wife shopped him & called police & they called a private detective to follow him & they took a dna sample from a pint glass plus a few cig butts & it matched with butts found at scene… jon also i find it strange that such a dangrous man like robbie graham who is known to be a very sick person & have beaten abused & raped women is wanted by interpol & police for connection of the missing girl maria teresa fenandez but yet theres no pictures of him on net or exposing him on the costas most wanted web site which brings awareness to capture these dangrous crimnals!!!

  7. hi i totally agree with your comments paul ive read the book and i also agree that robbie graham was a lot more involved in these horrendous crimes why has there not been a NEW MAN HUNT opened to find this guy how do we know he aint back here in spain committing more crimes its a very strong possabilty the police need too wake up we are nearly in 2012 these murders were 11 years ago and still no sign of this guy they need to track him down + make public awareness of what he looks like

  8. It is interesting to hear all of these comments and opinions however,for us ex pats who lived in amongst the communities affected by these attrocious acts. the fact is they were committed by this convicted despicable man. whether he had an accomplice or four doesnt take away his involvement in the attacks and murders he was convicted of and the numerous ones as yet unsolved. lets hope interpol have files on the other accomplices before they move in to your street.

  9. Interesting quote above we know tony king is guilty of these sick crimes and i think we all agree he had massive involvement in these killing, but why have they not caught his partner in crime robbie graham i have to agree with paul why is there no pictures of him any where on the internet and are police & interpol trying to still catch him !!! if this man helped tony king commit these murders whats to say he aint back on the costas again doing the same again.. hi jon i know you done lots of research in too writing book did you ever come in to contact with robbie graham plus is there any pictures available of him net ?


  11. Hi Anne/sur/rocki
    Thanks for your comments on this …but sadly due to a legal action by a local Fuengirola man Franco Rey the book had to be pulped…
    It was a very minor libel issue and had nothing to do with the main facts…and interestingly this man Rey, who once starred in eldorado, became close to robbie Graham and even arranged his flights over to Spain to talk to police and allegedly even put him up… He would have to comment why exactly, but curiously the mayor of Mijas Angel Nozal who worked in la Cala just yards from where Dolores Vazquez lived at the time, told me last week he was “99 per cent sure” Graham and others were involved…so good question …where is Graham? Can anyone help?
    Jon Clarke

  12. Hi Anne,

    maybe you can buy the book by amazon, see the link below
    Hope i could help .


  13. His family in the uk are atrocious from drug addiction, domestic abuse, child neglect conviction of rape to murder Tony ain’t the only one to serve time as for his mother she will cover for her children’s misfortunes I know the family well as I have lived near them for a long time I have heard conversations that would turn ur stomach they really are a disgusting collection. Of humans let’s hope the next generation break the cycle ??

    Location : Elthorne London

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