By James Bryce

THOUSANDS of British students have caused chaos after descending on a Spanish seaside town.

The drunken revellers, from universities across the UK, were in Spain for Saloufest – billed as the ‘biggest student festival in the world’.

The youngsters stirred controversy in Salou, on the Costa Dorada, after partying semi-naked in the streets until the small hours.

The festival, which has been running since 2002, attracts 8,000 students over two, four day legs, staying at seven hotels in Salou reserved for the event.

According to town hall officials there were no major incidents or official complaints, although four students were treated for alcohol problems.

This follows last year’s festival in which a British undergraduate told police she had been raped on a beach.

A British student was subsequently arrested and released on bail before being allowed to return home, although the case is ongoing.

The second leg of Saloufest is due to start next Sunday.




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  1. “… partying … in the streets until the small hours.”

    The Spanish are the noisiest people on planet Earth; the ‘small hours’ are when they begin to stir. So, this little escapade in Salou is trivial in comparison. It’s just more UK-bashing to fill up the OP column inches.

    The seven hotels must have been pleased with all the bookings. These students are greatly assisting Spain’s tourist economy.

  2. I live in Salou, and every year it is blown out of proportion by the British and Spanish media alike.Yesterday,I spotted at least 3 different Spanish tv film crews trawling the streers in their vans, looking for a story.Last year film crews were offering money to students on the beaches, to be filmed drinking(the drink being provided by the film crews).Saloufest brings a much needed boost to the businesses in the resort that open early to accomodate them, work for staff, and suppliers.
    Yes they can be rowdy,and of course a few puddles and regurgitated take-aways on the pavements,but no worse than any city centre in the U.K. on any given weekend.
    The only people who seem to be outraged by it, are those who seek to sensationalize it every year.
    Salou council welcome it, as do many residents,because it provides revenue, wages, and fills hotels,at a time when they would be stood empty.And its all done and dusted, by the time the season starts kicking in at Easter.
    Young and daft they may be, but they provide a welcome shot in the arm to Salou´s economy.

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