A CONTROVERSIAL TV show famous for featuring a singing poo and the immortal line ‘I killed Kenny’ is being shown to young children in Spain.

Telecinco has been criticised after the adult cartoon South Park, which is full of swearing, is being aired on the La 7 channel between 1.30pm and 2pm.

The Communications Users Association (AUC), has attacked the channel for broadcasting the show during ‘childrens’ time.’

The group insists that the series is ‘clearly inappropriate for children’ and has filed a complaint with the Ministry of Industry.

But despite publicly informing its viewers that it is ‘not recommended for under 18s’ Telecinco only gave the programme a PG-13 certificate and insists it is legal to run at that time.

“We regret that the AUC is unaware of the rules of our industry,” said a spokesman.

The programme makers Trey Parker and Matt Stone are also currently making headlines in the US with a hit Broadway musical poking fun at the Mormon Church.

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  1. Such arrogance of Spasnish firms…any where else it would have been pulled immediately! Thsi filth gopes on and on in childrens viwing times……its not just this. Who the hel is in charge of these idiots?

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