A SPANIARD hoping to make 350,000 euros from a sex tape of Marilyn Monroe has had his hopes dashed.

The collector, Mikel Barsa, failed to obtain a single bid for the six-and-a-half minute film, which supposedly shows the star having underage sex, at an auction in Argentina.

A spokeswoman for Monroe’s estate damaged the reputation of the short 8mm film.

She claimed that the entire affair was a swindle, and firmly asserted that the woman in the video bore little resemblance to the sex icon Monroe.

Despite the Spaniard’s affirmation that the tape shows Monroe prior to her fame, her estate has threatened legal action if he continues to try and sell it.

Barsa has now cautiously decided to put negotiations with one interested buyer on hold.

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  1. If as reported she was UNDERage when filmed, he could not sell it for personal financial gain unless he had a Publication Release signed by her PARENTS OR LEGAL GUARDIAN. Otherwise her estate would easily win the Suit against him to recover the film, the sale proceeds and likely press a criminal suit against him for selling porno film of an UNDERage girl. And any buyer of the film gets …. zip.

  2. J. Molitor, that has to be the single dumbest post I have ever read ever. So what you are saying is that you can sell child porn if the parents (or estate) of said child signs a waiver. hahaha. Some people need to think about what they are writing before pressing the ‘Submit’ button.

  3. Dear “Brimster” – since you’ve CLEARLY EXPRESSED a lack of knowledge of photo copyright law – YOU need to think before your post. The International LAW on such issues IS The Law – whether you like it or … not know it. Suggestion – try not to express your lack of factual knowledge.

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