THE Green political party Equo Malaga has stepped in to save Ronda’s stunning Tajo gorge from urban sprawl and is calling on Unicaja to buy Casa Rua.

The group argues that the bank has a duty to buy the 15 hectare land as part of its ‘Social Work’ project in recognition of the generations of Ronda citizens who contributed to the Caja de Ahorros de Ronda which formed the basis of Unicaja.

In addition, the group’s candidate for the House of Representatives, Javier de Luis publically expressed his support for the protest that took place on Sunday organised by the Plataforma en Defensa del Tajo.

More than a hundred people gathered to demand a halt to a ‘crazy’ scheme which will see 22 houses and a luxury hotel built on the site of the Casa Rua.

Opponents insist the development will have a ‘major visual impact’ on the famous landscape and have been fighting the scheme since it was first proposed in 1980.

With shouts of ‘the landscape cannot be sold’ demonstrators marched from the Plaza Espana to the Casa Rua on Sunday morning to make their point heard.

“We are not going to enter into the debate of the legality of the project, we are just asking for the developers and municipal government to show some sensitivity and common sense,” said a spokesman.

“The greatest resource that Ronda has is its landscape,” he added.

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  1. Could anybody imagine that this is all pre-cooked? How to get rid of an unsellable-unbuildable piece of land. Get friendly with authority in power, get a project approved that for sure will meet maximum protest. Protests and big headings in the papers abound. Then all problems will be solved by the opposition: money is found to buy the land. Politicians of both sides become heroes, developer becomes rich and all legal. Lots of champagne. I couldn’t imagine

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