The PP has announced plans to tighten abortion laws, meaning teenage girls will now require consent from their parents in order to terminate a pregnancy.

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  1. This is the typical crap that clings to the coat-tails of a right-wing government. as sure as night follows day, there will be more to come, The persecution of now ex-judge Garzon is just the start. Conservatives aren’t necessarily stupid, but stupid people are always Conservatives. So when Tories are in charge, there’s great scope for idiots.This abortion nonsense is bog-standard behaviour for the loony right.

  2. And shows that the Catholic mafia hav’nt lost their grip on the Right – how about bringing back the Inquistion, after all the present pope used to run the Inquistion – now named the Office of Reconstruction – where he first ruthlessy covered up anything to do with paedaphile priests for years and years.

    Don’t forget that abortion is still illegal in Ireland and a woman who has been raped should still thank God if she is made pregnant.

    Oh and it’s all aa Atheistic lie that the planet is overpopulated – God will provide LOL

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