By James Bryce

HALF of Spanish oil imports are to be lost due to an EU trade embargo against Iran.

The restrictions – agreed last month by European leaders following pressure from the US – will take effect on July 1.

Spain is one of Europe’s biggest importers of oil and has become increasingly dependent on Iran in the last year, with supplies increasing from 20 to 50 per cent due to political unrest in Libya.

The government is not among the countries supporting the embargo, with 80 per cent of Spain’s energy demand being met by oil.

“Spain is suffering the greatest damage from the embargoes against Iran and has always expressed support for the resumption of talks,” said Pedro Antonio Villena Perez, Spain’s new ambassador to Iran.

The import ban is the latest attempt by the West to force Iran into abandoning its attempts to develop nuclear weapons.

Catherine Ashton, the EU’s foreign policy chief, said: “The pressure of sanctions is designed to try and make sure that Iran takes seriously our request to come to the table and meet.”

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  1. And Iran has’nt attacked another country in 500 years, not something you can say about the US or British empires.

    Let’s not let the architects of the Khomenies revolution escape the spotlight – the Iranian people democratically elected a Socialist government in 1959.

    It’s leader swore that the oil wealth would flow to the Iranian people and not the British and American oil companies.

    So the nasty furtive forces of MI6 and the CIA got together and paid for and organized the coup to depose the Iranian PM, just like they organized the overthrow of Allende in Chile nearly 20 years later.

    These evil thugs then put in the puppet Shah and both the US and UK were more than happy to equip his brutal army and police with the best weapons available at that time. His State killers tortured and murdered thousands of ordinary Iranians only the wealthy elite remained immune and travelled abroad spending vast sums of money. In the 70s’ I met many of the sons and daughters of the elite – money was no barrier to their spendthrift desires.

    When the Iranian people eventually overthrew this vile Shah’s regime, the wealthy invested a lot of their money in buying heroin which they brought with them when they fled Iran.

    Remember this was the winter of 1979 and that’s when the west first became flooded with cheap Iranian/Afghan heroin.

    Do the western news channels ever mention any of this factual history – no of course not and remember the only country to use nuclear weapons, when it did’nt have to was – the USA.

    Let’s see if this post is deleted or left untouched as the facts I have stated can easily be checked for verification.

  2. Sam,
    quite wrong – read my post – Iran had the best equipped army in the world at that time.
    Great for the arms manufacturers but all that vast amount of money could and should have been spent on modernising Iran for the benefit of the ordinary Iranians.

    So yes Iran could have attacked other countries but did’nt, since those who controlled Iran were too busy spending all that money.

    Don’t forget what the Israelis have always promised if everything comes on top for Israel – they will detonate all their nuclear weapons and take the whole region with them – the real danger for the ME is and always has been Israel and it’s big bully boy enabler – the USA.

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