A TYPICAL day at Sotogrande might include some singing, storytelling, walking in the campo, visiting a farm or baking cakes.

But nothing is typical here.

Everything we do is relevant but delivered in a unique way.

We recognise how important those first years of school are.

Children are welcomed into the family and made to feel safe and at home in their new environment.

Our primary staff have years of experience between them; a real knowledge of how to teach effectively and a genuine affinity with young children to help them develop.

By concentrating on personalised learning, allowing children to develop at their own pace and rhythm, we help bring out the best in them.

Lots of the learning takes place outside the classroom and we try to make the most of the natural resources around us.

A recent visit to the Roman ruins at Baelo Claudio in Bolonia allowed the students to consider things from a historical perspective, but encompassed aspects of geography and science too.

An overnight trip to the Christopher Columbus museum in Huelva allowed a real hands on experience for class P5 along with a chance to play on the beach too.

In considering different religions, and as part of their Festival of Lights project, class P6 made a visit to Gibraltar, which offers a number of alternative religious experiences, including a beautiful Mosque, a Catholic Cathedral, a Buddhist centre and a Jewish Synagogue.

They made a tour of all of them and learnt much about the different approaches to worship.

We want school to be fun here and we help children to become independent in their enquiries: they are naturally curious – all we do is open the door and show them the way.

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