A BRITISH man who suffered from breast cancer is painting a mural of local residents in a bid to raise awareness of the disease and raise money for charity.

Artist Bob Woodhouse, 62, who was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago, is charging people €10 to paint their faces onto the wall of the Lemon Tree restaurant in Riogordo.

All the money is going to breast cancer research.

“People don’t think men get breast cancer but it is on the increase,” explained Woodhouse who has lived in the Axarquia town for three years.

“This mural is an excellent talking point, and there is a sign to make people aware of the reasons behind it and to let them know that yes, men do get breast cancer.”

He continued: “The response has been great, I have almost filled the first wall, and we are about to double the mural’s size.

“So hopefully we should be able to donate at least €1000.”


  1. Great idea to raise donations for a most worthwhile charity, and a creative wall display for a nice restaurant also. We greatly enjoyed a delicious lunch at The Lemon Tree in Riogordo and supported the charity too.

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