Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Blowing in the wind: Does pollution on Gibraltar’s border with Spain cause increased cancer rates?

Black clouds of pollution billow daily from the industrial chimneys of the Campo de Gibraltar. Is it all merely hot air or a smoking gun for cancer? The Olive Press investigates

Mediterranean diet reduces the risk of breast cancer

A high intake of fish, plant foods and olive oil has been linked to the reduced risk of breast cancer

Fashion show at The Boardwalk raises €1,000 for charity

The show at Marbella's popular Boardwalk restaurant raises money for an expat breast cancer screening charity

A walk a day helps keep breast cancer away

Research has found women who are active for four hours a week are less likely to develop breast cancer

Spain has Europe’s lowest breast cancer mortality rate

Spanish women are the least likely to die from breast cancer in Europe

Cancer survivor owes life to doctors in Spain

Elaine Wheeler was told by her UK doctor there was nothing wrong with her but almost three years later Spanish doctors told her she had cancer

Face wall for breast cancer victims

A British man is painting a mural of local residents in Riogordo to raise awareness

Russians on the Rock

A charity event is being held oin Gibraltar in celebration of International Women’s Day