30 May, 2012 @ 14:30
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‘Legalisation’ advert leads to magazine apology

By Eloise Horsfield

A MISLEADING advert which offered to legalise illegal homes in the Axarquia has badly backfired.

Magazine Sentinella is being forced to issue an apology after it emerged an advert in its April and May issues was wildly incorrect.

“It claimed people had just 12 months to legalise their homes, but that is utter rubbish,” Philip Smalley of pressure group Save Our Homes Axarquia (SOHA) told the Olive Press.

“Until the Junta has got the town halls to apply the decree issued earlier this year, absolutely nothing can be done,” he said.

He was also angry that the advert implied the legal business was also working as an ‘agent’ for the Junta.

“After seeing the ad, we filed a denuncia with the Guardia Civil and later met with the agents and Sentinella.

“A retraction will be published in the June issue.”

Boss of the legal practice Jose Luis Viera admitted the error, blaming it on his ‘poor English’, as well as a ‘low level of Spanish’ at Sentinella, and internet translation programmes.

“We are not agents of the Junta,” he said.

Meanwhile Sentinella editor Keidi Keating said: “The advert was published because it was emailed to us and we had no reason to believe it was in any way unscrupulous.

“Unfortunately we do not have the time to look into every advert that is sent to us to check its legitimacy, and that’s why we print a disclaimer on page three.

“We do, however, apologise for any inconvenience the publication of this advert has caused our readers.”

Pressure group SOHA warned of other such adverts popping up on lampposts around the region, also offering a bogus service.

“We are advising our members to do nothing until they hear from their town hall,” he clarified.

Eloise Horsfield

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  1. One of the above companies who made misrepresentation have been asked from more than one source since April to apologise and explain to the public how the ‘error’ occurred. Let’s see what June brings.

    Such errors -even if not intentionally fraudulent -are time -wasting and costly in the extreme for those desperately seeking solutions.

    In respect of properties rendererd illegal by government agencies and ‘professionals’ I believe it is time for all the anti-urban abuse organisations to be pushing the ‘nonsense, incompetence and harrassment’ compensation angle more aggressively for all costly irregularities, as emptying pockets without compunction is the only thing pirates and pretenders really understand.

    A compensation culture is not attractive as it can be as decadent as the original offence but it gets uncaring minds more focused on knowing they are going to be held accountable as well as having to pay up.

    As for those houses bought in good faith using ‘professional legal services’ why not let’s have the phrase
    ” Considered Legal by ‘Special Dispensation despite the Maladministration of..Co/Office /Dept.”
    applied immediately to the documentation of such properties – with the blame attributed clearly in writing to the defaulters (usually the suppliers of the illegal licences)showing public, social services and governments to whom blame should be attributed.

    ‘Amnesty’suggests an element of fault on the side of the innocent which is not appropriate in good faith purchases.

    ‘Special Dispensation’ indicates that there are no absolute rules for anything administered by man. That is reality. And ‘legally disenfranchised’ home owners need this now.

    Rules and Laws are made by ordinary people for ordinary people. They can be unmade by ordinary people. There is no need for law to be so expensive or complicated. Fire all fools.

    That’s all it takes, folks. It is up to the ordinary man in the street who pays to keep these jokers and extorters in their jobs to say “Game’s over mate!”

    After all laws are really only necessary for people who don’t ‘play the game’ or need reminding how to act intelligently.

    Although generally a law-abiding citizen I quit the UK some years ago as it had become a constant penalty zone. (Traffic issues? Dustbins?) Nice litle earners all round for very little effort but no longer fitting (or even legal) for the average human.

    The fining culture has arrived here but even more bodged up and extreme than in the UK. Heavily fining innocents and not the blameworthy seems to be quite popular here. Need to get out heads round this and remove the sources!

    Our brief lives are being blighted by nonsense every day. Stupidity is the modern terrorism. Let’s get this changed.

  2. And the circus end can George, if like-minded people organise themselves together well.

    For many people like our wealth-contributing cosmopolitan citizens here ‘comfort days’ are over thanks to unknown people who have maladministered their resources- our resources.

    Some of our planetary neighbours of course have never had a sniff of comfort having been disenfranchised from birth.

    Our great gift has been to have been educated, medically cared for and in varying degrees nurtured – although sadly often at the expense of other people. So at least we have a measure of power and blessed indeed are they who fought for this for us.

    But in the past the slave days set us up nicely in the UK and the ability to extort and be excused goes on. There is an arrogance that is not fully understood by most people, that there are in society certain individuals who can dominate to the extent of murdering – in one form or another- anyone who stands in their way. And the forms of that murder can be very subtle.

    The spread and possibility of exploitation in these days of rapid travel and internet communication means that the extent of corruption is faster and more convenient and stolen/extorted money can be hidden far away. (What about the Argentinean scams – helicopters taking out the nation’s wealth overnight as they slept!)

    Ensuing poverty brings more and more otherwise decent citizens into the realms of fast-payback crime till the recruited innocent- but -desperates’ are tuly ensnared in that exploitative system. (think of the risk of the ‘mules who carry drugs even in their bodies)- but it is more insidious than that.

    If you read recent press items you will see that not only is there a massive drugs mafia and laundering operation worldwide but prostitution has now sunk to a new and terrifying low with women actually being branded like slaves so their pimps and owners are known to each other and don’t encroach on each other’s ‘possessions’. In this day and age with all our so-called social security systems and ‘legal protections’.

    And this is not to mention the trade in kidnapped and exploited children of whom there are over one hundred million at present according to statistical reports.

    Before I left the UK I saw a TV programme which said that London had only 18 police officers dealing with enforced prostitution in London. There was no political will to control this heinous activity. Seen the film “Taken?” recently. Shows the level at which these rackets are carried out and protected.

    Rape goes far beyond the physical, and the physical and psychic helplessness (of the victim) is one of its attractions for the perpetrators.

    A doctor at the Tavistock Clinic in London who treated women raped in Serbia with political endorsement described the experience of one woman as feeling

    “helpless to the point of extinction.”

    Can we not all associate this experience with the financial rape that is going on in our society today ?

    If in our times such practices are not only considered the ‘norm’ but endorsed by governments we can rest firmly assured that administrative corruption is closely intertwined.

    To keep up with the financial demands made upon us by others’ corruption, deceit, artifice and manipulations we are all being extorted by the day which means enslaved on the poverty/debt continuum. This no accident. All is planned.

    Worldwide we see the malaise now, the consequences and the fall-out of all the frauds and games. It will take time to unravel as it is so deep and so dirty but the collapse is well underway.

    Dare I repeat that what is made by man can be undone by man. Some people wish to edit in a ‘God ‘n’ Devil element – or even fatalism – to what faces them today, but almost certainly if we adopt the “Ye are Gods” concept (biblical quote) and behave more as Gods are supposed to behave – in an honest and co-operative manner whilst on this brief earthy trip we will not need to trouble any real or imaginery almighty forces to intervene in our immature behaviours. That would be true respect for and to, any type of intelligence – worldly or celestial. It’s so bloody simple.

    In the meantime, to identify, publicly name and remove those who distort the balance and integrity of social and environmental life is what it takes-before we ourselves get drawn in and corrupted by default.

    If you can identify those who are affecting your life,or the life of those whom you respect or love, reinforce yourself with afflicted others and call them to account.

    Look how many Spanish mayors and sidekicks are rightly going to prison now.
    Who got them there? The few with courage who refused to tolerate the distortions – and who had – or were going to – fall victim to them.

    We are all Citizen Advocates when we choose to be!

    The formula for our assured success is that in integrity, intention, action, and numbers lie our collective power.

    Going Bozo-bopping, George?

  3. How? Where? Honestly, I am just feeling lost and helpless, actually useless.
    I mean, speaking with friends and acquaintances, we do all agree.
    I hardly know anybody who wants to keep the system going as is.
    However, what do we do? Walk the streets taking part in yet another demonstration…
    I do not mind doing so, but I have the slight feeling that this will get us nowhere.
    Again, I fully agree with you.
    Help an old man, where and how to start or whom to meet?

  4. “The advert was published because it was emailed to us and we had no reason to believe it was in any way unscrupulous”

    Damn, I’d better remove my advert for how to convert your car to run on horse dung.

  5. Hi again George, Fred..
    Re All sorts o’ excrement.

    About these last two comments above : It is hard at times to separate the human wheat from the chaff, (the truth from the deception); the engine-efficient product from the dung (Fred’s interesting subject) and there are important lessons for us here -i.e. that within our biological and social systems we have to learn to separate and discriminate what’s useful for our purposes and what we must discarded in respect of all the non-viable systems with which we find ourselves confronted.

    There is an interesting analogy here between the above two subject areas!

    (NB ever seen the marvellous industry of the dung beetle? We have quite a few of these ‘dung collectors’ in our midst turning the garbage of one into the gold of another. Maybe there is something we should be learning!)

    A biological basis of discrimination and behaviour is generally a fairly safe analogy for us to work on.

    Discrimination as it is used politically(the ‘politically correct’ concept) is in the main a complete nonsense used by opportunitist to bludgeon home their political or corny bias, but when ‘discrimination’ is used in its proper context, not as ‘harmful’ but as ‘being appropriate to the need ‘it is working as nature intended.

    Applied to the systems now being thrust upon or societies (think political, legal, monetary, judicial /accountancy, pharma -ceutical, human trafficking / for instance)it is time to be very discriminating indeed.

    Biologically, when something harms us, the body dumps or manoeuvres to eliminate it. We need to do the same socially. When an administrative system of any hue becomes a rogue we must dump it.

    Inadequate politicans, parliamentary administrative systems (central to local), banking/business systems, legal/ judicial systems which do not support the social order and wellbeing must be dumped.

    Look at the methods the immune system uses to excrete harmful things. It has a number of techniques. Killer cells, helper cells, repair and mend strategies.

    So within us we see there is a raft of
    innate remedial strategies when real threats occur.

    BUT if the threat cannot be overcome by remedies or consensual numbers then the organism dies. ( Whether there is a fairer next life or not depends on one’s perception of what may be but maybe best not to take a gamble.)

    No matter; if we have only one life with conditions which run us to helplessness and destruction we had better act fast and call on all the internal and external forces available to us; just as the body does to bring us back from the brink of death.

    If there is another life -or lives- we would be wise to prepare intelligently for them now – just in case we have to return and face the same old pattern which we failed to eliminate.

    In the 2,500 years or so since we have written accounts on the recommendations of illuminated minds worldwide we haven’t seen too much change in human deviousness have we? Yet maybe these doctrines put a brake on some of the more extreme cruelties, greeds and fanatical hates. All hail to that!

    Note that the illuminated ones collected their large numbers of adherents long after their deaths – not during their lives when their listeners needed to demonstrate which political side they were on! Too frightening by far! Axes, swords and guillotines could fall. And did. Now there are nuclear bombs to beware.

    But now we have this great medium called INTERNET (which various administration are trying to muzzle and police), but it is the best tool available to gather forces of people together and make representation to top administrators. Properly used by enough people from their armchairs, homes, cafes and beaches letters can be sent directly to those who need to be removed for their incompetence or breaches of trust and to those who will implement their removal.

    It is a matter of good organisation to set up such sites or join in with the existing ones. TV,(where not manipulated) can get the message across too.

    So let us not feel helpless George, despite the apparent size of the problems. Let us organise ourselves better to respond to the ‘unacceptable’.

    The rain will still fall for us, the sun will still shine, plants will grow according to the weather and the seasons, and the body knows how to repair itself..if the will to live is still alive.

    The WILL is where our future lies,folks. Combined, intelligent, Wills.

    Systems now exists to set up the challenge when you have identified the rogues and stand ready to confront them.

    Are you resolved to create change?

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