HAY fever sufferers looking to avoid sneezing while enjoying their garden have been presented with the ideal solution.

A group of pioneering gardeners has created an allergy-free plot using only plants pollinated by bees rather than by the wind.

The ‘low allergen’ garden – recently displayed at Chelsea Flower Show – is good news for the estimated 15 million hay fever sufferers in the UK, and is also recommended for those with asthma.

It includes a range of plants pollinated by bees, including hostas, geraniums, periwinkles and alliums.

The display is being presented alongside a ‘bad’ garden, which features plants pollinated by the wind, including ferns, lavender, ornamental grasses and lilies.

“We’re trying to make people aware of what might cause them a problem in their garden and minimise risk by replacing them with equally attractive alternatives,” said Dr Tim Wreghitt from the Royal College of Pathologists.

Wind-pollinated plants are best avoided by hay faver sufferers because their pollen is loose in the air and therefore free to go up the nose.

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