A BRITISH expat has penned his first children’s book and embarked on a crusade to get Spanish children interested in English.

Sanj Saigal, 43, a fully qualified TEFL teacher, is now set to tour a series of schools with his new book Dreamstones, which was published this month.

“It is not about promoting my book, it is about helping children to become interested in English,” explained the father-of-two, based in Murcia.

“At the moment with the crisis the issue is particularly topical as most children have no interest in learning English, when they should want to in order to get on.

“The recession babies in Spain are going to grow up and they won’t be able to communicate with the rest of Europe,” added Saigal, a former head hunter who moved to Spain from London over 10 years ago.

“Learning English can change lives and it gives a tremendous buzz.”

Dreamstones is now available from Amazon as a paperbook and e-book

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  1. It´s the parents that want the children to say more than hello good-bye thank you very much, but the kids don´t care… many spanish people cannot write or read their own language and hope that their kids will learn english from sitting in our house… our children write and speak perfect castillian as my neighbours say exasperated… better than the teachers… and better than them… oooooh!

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