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Families in Andalucia ‘living off €400 a month’

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THE recession is weighing down heavily on families around the region.

But few places are struggling as much as in the Serrania de Ronda, where it is reported that over 50 per cent of families are living off less than €400 a month.

According to Maria Aranda, who is coordinating a €90,000 project between the Junta and the EU to help revive the seven municipalities in the region, they need urgent help.

The seven towns outlined in the plan are Algatocin, Arriate, Benaojan, Benalauria, Atajate, Cortes de la Frontera and Pujerra.

 The project will focus on improving roads, increasing cooperative ventures and encouraging the consumption of local products.




  1. Instead of spending 90k on a project why not spend it on an advert in the UK press inviting UK pensioners to settle in the area and make them feel welcome, big boost for local economy big boost for local health services UK pays 3500 euro s to Spanish government for ex pat health care (not all UK pensioners are the walking dead) big boost for local taxes etc.

  2. Peter, good idea but the properties would need to be 100% ‘legal’.
    Also, is it beyond possible to set up a fund to which people can voluntarily contribute, along with fund-raising activities?
    I see many workers out in the fields, sweating away, trying to improve their finances and feel that us relatively well-off pensioners could help.
    Hopefully such a scheme might also improve relationships between the Spanish and Brits, although it’s always possible that Spanish pride might cause it to fail.
    It would need an existing organisation to take up the reigns.
    Any comments or ideas?

  3. antonio2 – sorry but in my humble opinion without dire need and poverty nada absolutely nada will ever change in Spain ……..

    The people of Spain are the ones that have to say “basta ya” and kick out their 100% corrupt and worst of all 100% incompetent leaders, as is they still (in great part) ignorantly/proudly defend their leadership that is robbing them blind, having embezzled funds meant for them ever since they are part of the EU in 1986.

    Surely there are many reasons for this strange acceptance of corrupt, incompetent and seemingly feudal leadership, I believe the main one is the transition from dictatorship to democracy was a huge failure in the sense that the new Spain had to take over many of Franco’s cronies that until today mingle in the Spanish Government, it was a typical example of taking the easy and least conflictive route when in reality the only way would have been to clean the slate before starting a new, even at the price of blood – sweat and tears.

    Democracy as we know it may be a big farce, more so lately, but to quote Winston Churchill “It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.”

    It does come at a price and definitely nobody else can pay it for you while you are holding a siesta ………..

    BTW The EU sending 100 Billion to “save” the Spanish banks isn’t helping any ….. guaranteed not to create one job only enrich the criminals that have caused all this even more.

    Seems like a lost cause !

  4. well said viva zapata!! Corruption in Spain is everywhere
    from the top to the bottom of society. The bankers have taking the loot and now the working class has to pay the consequences
    People are already demonstrating……

  5. Hey aussie sunshine welcome to the real world!! The people of Spain have been demonstrating since the beginning of the year or even earlier, only now its getting more support,even from the Government’s own followers,and its going to escalate. You want to watch the real crowds in demos, watch LaSEXTA news or other less controlled media. No smokescreens are going to stop this one. And you want to know the truth, I am not happy about it,in fact it saddens me greatly that after having fought for so long and so hard to get what others take for granted, they are now being taken back into history instead of forward as far as their rights as citizens goes. I sincerely hope the People will win this one in the end. There are other ways of reducing deficits than taking the money from the working class and the poorest in the community.

  6. Viva Zapata,
    very good post and a very good handle you have chosen – Emiliano Zapata, a true revolutionary and maybe nec. to go as far back as Spartacus for his equal. It’s worth mentioning that the other so called revolutionaries tried to corrupt him without success – so they murdered him. Also worth mentioning that he was an indigenous Mexican – it would seem that all those with the blood of the conquistadores are corrupt to the core.

    A big negative of Islam – obedience to authority, something that is the lynchpin of all the mysogenistic Abrahamaic religions but particularly so of Islam and Christianity, is the reason for Spanish passivity in the face of so much corruption – just look at what the leaders in Tunisia/Libya and Egypt looted from their peoples.

    Now look at the racial and religious make-up of Spain and all becomes clear – the forcing of Christianity on the majority Islamic/Jewish population substituting one form of authoritarianism for another.

    Why did’nt the successful and battle hardened western allies invade Spain in 1945 and re-instate the former democratically elected republican government and give the Spanish people the weapons to hunt down and kill the Fascists? Simple that one, because the elected representatives were mostly – Communists/Socialists and Anarchists and the rabid hatred that those who ruled (and still rule)America were paranoid about Communism, which was the real reason for the Marshall Aid plan to build a wall against Communism – the fact that Russia never has been an actual Communist state is lost on those morons.

    Is there really anyone left with half a brain working that does’nt realise that the chirade of voting every few years is just that – a chirade. Is there any idiot left that does’nt realise that the whole bailout farce is about saving the ultra wealthy and their investments, not about protecting ordinary people.

    Will Spain explode and if it does when all the blood and dust has settled will there really be any essential change in the way that the Spanish think and operate – quien saves/who knows – vamos a ver


    An EU spokesman admitted the office cost £2million a year, but said the HQ was set up on the west coast because it was close to the island’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the British High Commission.

  8. “http://www.elplural.com/2012/07/30/la-onu-censura-los-recortes-de-rajoy-porque-aumentan-el-paro-y-perjudican-a-los-mas-desfavorecidos/”

    Pity some of you cant read Spanish, but apparently the UN has censured the Government of Rajoy for its brutal cuts that affect only the less fortunate in society, the cuts in care, schooling, medical services, the homeless, etc and it will only cause more unemployment and poverty..

    Maybe OP could take this up as a news item since apparently the UN wanted it published everywhere since June.
    Should be in the United Nations website in English.

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