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Spain’s economy grew faster than expected in 2022 to beat recession fears

SPAIN'S gross domestic product grew by 5.5% in 2022 despite the global economic crisis which has caused rocketing prices. Figures released on Friday by the...

GBP/EUR exchange rate slumps as BoE forecasts a two-year UK recession

The pound euro (GBP/EUR) exchange rate fell sharply through the first two weeks of November as it became increasingly apparent that the UK economy...

Grim outlook on Spain’s road to economic recovery from coronavirus crisis

SPAIN’S economy is in danger of lagging behind the main advanced economies in Europe in recovering from the coronavirus crisis. According to the Organisation for...

BREAKING: Spain enters recession as COVID-19 wreaks havoc on economy

Between April and June, the country’s GDP dropped by a staggering 18.5%, the largest collapse of its kind since records began in 1970

Spain’s rich list grows 76% in last decade

The figures surpass not only the European average of 7.3% growth but also the worldwide average of 10.6%

Spain’s job market still feeling the effects of the economic crisis

THE economic crisis is continuing to pinch the jobs market in Malaga province where 53,500 fewer men are in work compared to a decade...

Spain’s richest 10% hold more than half the country’s wealth

New Bank of Spain figures show the wealthiest tenth of Spanish households hold 52.8% of the country’s wealth

Spain sees largest fall in unemployment since 2005

Unemployment is falling, GDP is rising and forecasts are optimistic

‘Recession-proof’ La Cala’s property market taking one step at a time

La Cala’s exciting new boardwalk has got the property market on the up, writes Tom Powell

Spain’s yacht charter market is out of the recession

Visitors from abroad are grabbing great deals in Spain

Insult to injury

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy's latest comments rub salt into the country's economic wounds

UK beer sales soaring at last

After five years of decline, British beer sales are finally booming

Foreign buyers flock to Andalucia

Andalucia has seen a massive 32% year-on-year increase in foreign property investors

Spain welcomes fall in unemployment for April

Prompting PM Rajoy to ask Spanish people for a 'fair trial'

Recession officially over back in Blighty

Experts say Britain's had a great start to the year

German painkillers relieve Spain’s recession headache

A German healthcare giant will produce its global aspirin output in Spain

Spain’s economy to grow by 1.2% this year, predicts central bank

The bank has forecast some economic recovery, but not enough to relieve unemployment rates

Budget slashes fail to dampen growing public debt in Spain

Debt rises to record 94% of gross domestic product in 2013

Spanish bank borrowing down for 17th month

Less than half of all time high 411 billion euros borrowed from ECB in January

OLIVE PRESS INVESTIGATES: 2014 – The real numbers behind the headlines

Tom Powell delves into the truth behind Spain's startling economic statistics

Rajoy to push Obama on Spanish investment

Obama praises Rajoy for recession-busting tactics

Spanish banks must remain cautious warns EC

International financiers warn Spain´s banks need to continue their good work following wind up of bail out plan

Scrooge businesses at Christmas

As effects of recession continue most workers must pay for their own Xmas work meals

Spanish bankers hit the big time

Spanish bankers out-earn European counterparts despite the ongoing financial crisis

Ikea server crash on Spanish jobs application

20,000 apply for 400 vacancies in the new Valencia store
animated christmas gif

Spain’s Christmas spending slashed

Total spending per person in Spain is likely to be around €500 this year, €300 less than the average in 2008




Four teenagers who ‘threw rocks on cars travelling on the A-7 motorway in Spain’s Marbella’ are quizzed by police

A GROUP of teenagers caused chaos in Marbella on Monday morning by throwing rocks from an overpass at cars driving along the motorway. The gang,...


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