THE economic crisis is continuing to pinch the jobs market in Malaga province where 53,500 fewer men are in work compared to a decade ago.

And despite a 2.2% rise in employment rates during 2017, this figure is not positive enough says a report presented by CCOO Málaga.

The trades union says 45,700 more jobs are needed to bring employment back to 2007’s pre-crisis level.

The Service Sector is proving the most resilient, providing 87.2% of jobs in 2017 compared to 75.5% before the crisis. The remaining sectors suffered a downfall due to government politics, said the CCOO report, noting that wages were also lower in spite of the employment rates.

Most of the new jobs created during the 2014 to 2017 period benefited male employees with 22.7% going to men and 12.8% to women. But while 7,800 more women are in work since the crisis, 53,500 fewer men have a job compared to 2007.

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