AFTER five years of cutting back, the Great British public are back doing what they do best… drinking beer.

UK sales of beer are set to rise for the first time since the recession hit in 2009, with an estimated 4.24 billion litres of the golden liquid guzzled away by thirsty Brits in 2014.

While beer and ale sales are finally moving in the right direction, pubs and bars are hopelessly searching for a way to drive up sales of cider and stout.

Chris Wisson, drinks analyst at research firm Mintel, said: “Pressures on household finances led to a significant decline in the beer market.

“However, 2014 has seen sales finally bounce back, buoyed by a warm summer and the football World Cup.”


  1. Micros most certainly have caught on DS: Over 100 micros opened across Spain last year, about 70 the year before, plus this year which must be roughly in line with last year, the number should be approaching 300 by now, if not over. I know of at least 5 which have started brewing in and around the Bahia de Cadiz in the last couple of years alone…

  2. Fred, if you give me a bit of time, I’m sure I cld draw one up. Most have a Facebook page as a minimum. I follow a lot of them. Got the info from a UK brewer trying to get product into the Spanish market. I will ask fr source.

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