PUBLIC motorway tolls have gone up by 7.5% with immediate effect and it is set to increase even more when the IVA/VAT rate is put in place on 1 September.

The move follows the government’s decision to reduce the subsidies granted to the motorway concessionaries.

In particular the AP-7, which runs from Cataluna down the Mediterranean coast, the AP-2 and C-33 will be affected.

Joana Ortega, Deputy President of theCataloniagovernment has criticised the decisions.

“Every Friday (After the cabinet meeting inMadrid) there are new measures which punish Catalonia and go against what the country needs,” he said.


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  1. The toll roads have been almost empty when I’ve used them, so they’ll no doubt become totally unused over time. Drivers up north have already been refusing to pay en masse, forcing the tolls open for nothing.

    Spain has totally lost the plot when it comes to running the country. It now really needs some intervention by a foreign power (Troika perhaps?) to run it for them. It’s just an embarassment now.

  2. Werent these paid by European subvention money anyway? What a cheek to have us pay for using it anyway in the first place. Highway robbery. They should get the employees dressed up like Curro Jimenez, the famous highwayman, at least they would make the angry users smirk if not smile.

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