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Briton falls to death on first night of Spanish holiday

hotel oroso ibiza british holidaymaker dies

A BRITISH man has died after falling from the fourth floor of his hotel.

Michael White, 27, had been on his first night out of a holiday in the San Antonio resort in Ibiza.

He fell early on Tuesday morning after leaning out of the window to be sick.

By the time paramedics arrived at the Hotel Orosol around 8.40am, he was dead.

White’s mother Tina Waring, from Scunthorpe, paid tribute to her son on Facebook.

“With a very heavy heart that I write this because today I received the heart-breaking news that my third born son Michael James White has tragically died in an accident while holidaying with friends in Ibiza. R.I.P Mick. We all love you so much.”

“This is a small family-run hotel and the first time anything like this has happened in the 42 years we’ve been open, said a spokesman from the hotel.

“It’s left us in a terrible state of shock.”

Eloise Horsfield

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  1. Some absolutely disgusting, disrespectful comments there. You didn’t know him and u judge him. One of the loveliest guys you’ll ever meet and idiots like u make statements like that. You’re a disgrace, take a long hard look at yourselves.

  2. Oh pleeeeaaassseeee…. One of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet… He was only bloody 18, so 1. Hardly a guy, and two, how do you know he was one of the nicest you’ll ever meet, you’ve probably only know him a few years…and whenever anyone dies, it’s always.. “he was such a lovely guy”… anyway. That’s besides the point. Flying out to Spain, getting pissed, puking up and, oh, falling to your messy end…That’s wrong… His poor family now have to go thru’ the 3 or 4 years of grieving (although it seems his mother was only too quick to jump on the facebook bandwagon (feeling Jeremy Kyle here)) and more so, the poor hotel owners have to live and deal with this.. Yes it’s a shame. Yes it’s a waste. But it was totally avoidable had he not been a pissed up Brit abroad. No wonder they think what they do of about Brits….

  3. Have to agree with M Hawkins – I have always kept well away from English bars when working abroad – full of nasty drunks, mostly looking for a fight.

    What is it with the English – this obsession with getting drunk. Last visit back home I saw young women lying spark out in shop doorways at 2pm on a Saturday, yes 2PM not 2AM.

    Young English of all classes deliberately determined to get pissed when going out for the night – some serious mental health problems here.

    B Whitby – it’s you who needs to take a good look at yourself – go to the Netherlands/Germany/France/Denmark et al – do you see young people vomiting up/fighting – to you it maybe normal but not in other countries.

    When I went to visit an old friend in Wareham/Dorset some 15 years ago, his new wife warns us not to be out and about between 11-12 at night as ‘the girls will be trying to bottle and glass each other’ – we could hear the broken glass and screaming from our hotel.

    This behaviour is now normal in the UK and maybe you accept it but other countries don’t.

    stefanjo – stupidity often results in death.

  4. Firstly, this is sad, and an accident, but the initial thoughts that came into my head were exactly the same as M Hawkins. Terrible shame though. Yes he was paralytic with drink but surely no excuse to be as disgusting as to puke over a balcony. Why didn’t he just puke on balcony floor in the corner if he couldn’t be decent enough to reach a sink/toilet/bowl/plastic bag. Because even though drunk, he still had no consideration for who he was being sick on in the street, or who would be cleaning it up off the pavement, or who’s dog would try to eat it, or who’s child might put their hands in it. There is not enough “consideration” any more in this world and a little more consideration from this pour soul would possibly have saved his life. Very sad. I hope others take this as a lesson – Was a “good” night out with the aim of getting a drunk as possible really worth the tragic loss. Although he was 18, these days it’s very young to be as responsible as require for these situations.
    The other person who commented put it very well, Stuart Crawford. I also have lived in Germany, Norway, Italy, England and returned home to Scotland for a few years. Only in England and Scotland was the culture like this. We NEVER SAW IT anywhere else. It was disgusting!! Couldn’t wait to get away again!

  5. Understand the schadenfreude at work here, but can’t help seeing my own knobhead self at that age and thinking, there but for fortune went I. (or maybe you?)

  6. Thank you for your words of wisdom Stewart Crawford, Jana, Stefanjo, Mr Hawkins. I will put the record straight. I am Michaels step dad.
    1 Michael was 27 years old
    2 He wasn’t paralytic drunk
    3 it was a pure accident. No one knows why he fell out that window.
    4. He could of stumbled , slipped, leant out for fresh air, opened the window for fresh air because he didn’t have the air con, could of felt sick. No one knows.
    5. The window opened to a small 6ft by 4ft walled enclosure where the hotel windows opened not the street so when he fell, slipped he couldn’t do no other than go head first.
    6. it wasn’t a balcony
    7. the window was low and no guards
    8. Michael worked in a solicitors, very sensible, very polite, very well liked and even the hotel owners said they were a lovely polite set of boys.

    Without knowing the true facts you have read a newspaper article written to sell stories. You have presumed Michael was a “typical drunk English man”. You are so wrong. When i read this and Michaels mum read this you caused so much heartbreak and distress which is totally unnecessary and so wrong.
    In todays world and no phone numbers, facebook was a means to convey to his friends what had happened. It was especially good for the boys who were out in Spain who were distraught and really needed consoling. His memorial page set up by his friend was beautiful.

    If you feel you need to comment more please send me your address and i will willingly come and visit you to discuss these points.

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