A CHILD was run over and died during the Three Kings parade in Malaga earlier today.

It is believed the six-year-old boy escaped from the control of his parents and was hit by one of the floats as he collected sweets from the road.

The victim’s father, a doctor, tried to revive the child as the procession was temporarily halted.

However, the calvacade was resumed at the request of the child’s family, minus the float that was involved in the accident.

Representatives of Malaga city council said that the float that struck the child had a safety team of 15 people accompanying it.

Malaga’s mayor, Francisco de la Torre, has announced two days of mourning.


  1. Oh dear, such a sad loss, but I can see how this could occur after witnessing last nights frenzied & dangerous parade in Valencia, with lack of safety barrier marshals, just a thinly streteched line of local police officers to control the vast hordes of children foraging in the road for sweets that the children on the floats didn’t manage to reach the crowds with.

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