6 Jan, 2013 @ 09:14
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Sixth of all electricity connections are fraudulent in Spain

electricity supply cut off

ELECTRICITY fraud is on the rise because of the recession, with nearly a sixth of all connections fraudulent.

Following 53,000 inspections last year, Iberdrola reported that 8,000 connections were found to be fraudulent.

This is an increase of 2,000 on the previous year.

All 8,000 connections were customers who had registered an excessively low consumption, but who were stealing considerably more.

They included nightclubs, pubs and building sites.

Iberdrola, which has fined all fraudulent users, has now introduced a new remote meter system which detects any sudden or suspicious changes in electricity supply.

A company spokesman said: “When a user steals energy, they are hurting all other consumers as they are increasing the cost of electricity for everyone.”

Frances Leate

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  1. The way cables are strung every which way on Spanish buildings, makes it hardly surprising that power is ripped off. How they keep track of who uses what, is a mystery akin to the way bar bills are totted up and remembered.
    Perhaps a similar system is used?

  2. Stefanjo,
    can’t help but agree – can’t the Spanish see how ugly and dangerous these cables are?

    Bar bills – I’ve lived in 3 European countries and only the UK demands payment before the goods have been consumed. Germans tick the paper mat that comes with the beer but generally bar men just develop good memories and also rely on the honesty of the clients to remind them if they forget.

    I have heard stories of scumbag English who think it’s clever to do a runner without paying.

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