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Fuengirola town hall named as one of Spain’s most transparent

Fuengirola town hall e

FUENGIROLA town hall is one of the most transparent in the country according to new research.

Transparency International, an organisation which aims to stamp out government corruption, found the city to be more open than many provincial capitals including Huesca and Granada.

The study was broken up into different sections including economic, financial, planning and public works transparency, with Fuengirola achieving an overall score of 88.8 out of 100.

Fuengirola Mayor Esperanza Ona said he hopes the new data will silence corruption claims from the Socialist Party.

“After years of attacking the issue, these magnificent results publicly recognise that we have one of the most transparent municipalities in Spain.”

A 2012 study by the same organisation found that over half of public information requests made in Spain go unanswered, and only 20% of answered requests provided the correct information.


  1. Obviously they haven’t got around to mijas yet, I could show them some documents and emails that would make them sit up, I have two denuncia documents about my neighbour, friend of ex major and present, building on protected land, a 6 metre wall next to my house, and they done nothing, I have an email from mrs nozal, telling me only to corresponde to her in Spanish, I did read last week they are looking into the activity of the P.P. party!!L

  2. I have lived in Fuengirola for over 10 years and I would say IMO that the town hall has done a pretty good job. The city has improved a lot in many way and looks at least cosmetically more beautiful than it did when I first arrived. However as a business owner in the town I can honestly say from my experiences The Town Hall is truely incompetent when it comes making sure the everyone is playing by the same rules. I have had many problems with many issues where a lot of my Spanish neighbors and business rivals don’t get bothered. I have been fined and had problems with the Police which have been directly related to advice given from the Town Hall. In fact I have given been fined by certain departments in thw Town Hall after following information I received from another.

    I keep getting told the Town Hall is clamping down on law breakers in the town as it needs the money but I am afraid to say the culture of “it’s not what you know but who know” is still very much in affect. I could list several things here that could connect certain people in office to certain money making schemes in the Town but won’t for fear of getting the site in trouble. It may be one of the most transparent Town Halls but I know what really goes on as I have to live and breath it every day and have been doing so for 10 years.

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