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EXCLUSIVE: First picture of tragic triple murder suicide in southern Spain

mijas shooting

By Rose Lapp and Mason Jones

THIS is the first picture of tragic triple suicide murder victim Sheila Wood who was shot by her husband Philip in Spain this week.

It can be revealed that the family, who had lived in Mijas for five years, had been extremely down and considering taking their own lives for a month.

Olive Press sources revealed that she and Philip, 57, were feeling the pinch with the deepening Spanish recession, coupled with the issues of Sheila’s mobility and their 27-year-old daughter Sophie’s mental illness.

Indeed, in a pointed posting on

mijas shooting pic

Facebook earlier this month the mother alluded to the issue of suicide.

On June 8, the 54-year-old mother had posted a picture of what appear to be gravestones, with the words: “She who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten.”

Last night, one of her friends asked: “Was this your goodbye sweet Angel, may all three of your rest in peace.”

Other friends have also written tributes to them on Facebook along similar lines.

According to Spanish reports a note left at the home said the daughter’s disability had become too much, and had pushed them over the edge.

According to one friend of the family, “He had a lot of problems on his back. His daughter was grown-up but her mind was that of a baby’s and his wife had been ill for some time.”

“He did work in a bank but told me he had changed his job.”

Debt collectors are said to have visited the home in recent days, which is now being investigated.


  1. I Wonder if now the rest of the world will wake up to the realisation of what is going on here in spain..
    People are taking their own lives now as the debt collectors are literally bashing in the front door !!!
    Spain has to be the only country in the world that will actually throw you out on the street with nothing. Kids included..
    Its sickening to see when around us are 1000s of empty homes just sitting there.
    I never knew this family, but looking her name up on facebook and seeing we have so many freinds in common and a few pictures of her happy life brings it all more home.
    Spain !!! sort yourselfs out and look after the people that looked after you when we worked here for 20 odd years and paid you our taxes and social .
    They deserved better than what you give . .

    R.I.P Wood Family . .

  2. “So, so sad. Sending healing thoughts and prayers to their family and friends”.

    This tragic family are the ones in the news but you don’t have to look far at all (and they don’t have to speak English) for you to actually, really help a family in need.
    How about sending something they could eat or use to pay their bills? Won’t be as cheap but it may actually be of some use.

  3. Did not know these people but terribly sad. Are there suicide hotlines in Spain? Hopefully there are.
    I a m lo oking to connect with a British couple who I knew when I lived inThousand Oaks California about 12 years ago -Their names are Ronald & Margaret Middlet-he is from Aberdeen and she is from Liverpool any info would be greatly appreciated- I hope allnis well with them.
    Thanknyou very much
    Stanley Wecksler

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