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Outrage after top bullfighter posts pit-bull attack on Facebook

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BULLFIGHTER Joao Moura Jr is set to incur the wrath of animal rights groups around Europe after posting a series of shocking photographs on his Facebook page.

A private corrida at his house has caused outrage in Portugal after pictures showed a pack of pit bulls attacking a calf at his finca.

Animal rights group ANIMAL revealed that they had received numerous emails regarding the ‘barbaric action’ and stressed that they would do ‘everything to ensure that these people are punished’.

In a statement, Moura expressed his regret at posting the images on the social media site, before adding: “But, most of all, I regret not being able to prevent it.”

He said: “It was an isolated incident as the dogs inadvertently entered the ring where the cow was; it was not an animal fight.”

ANIMAL have replied that they ‘don’t believe for a second’ the bullfighter’s statement, claiming that he only ‘regrets the fact that he was caught’.


  1. Over Bull Fighting I have taken the view it is part of Spain’s culture but have no desire to watch it. Is this also part of Spain’s culture? If so they need to get civilised and rise up against this sort of behaviour. Having said that certain people in Britain do the same sort of thing.

  2. I wonder why these Animal Rights people object to this? After all, it’s the same Animal Rights people who try to prevent us from banning this type of dog. So they want us to keep the bulldog types that were specifically genetically engineered to do precisely what this picture shows, but then they are outraged when these bulldog types do exactly what they were genetically engineered to do?

    The Animal Rights people are as much to blame for this attack as the owner of these bulldogs.

    BTW, the Animal Rights people didn’t mind much when two pit bulldogs killed my ordinary dog, then a different pit bulldog killed my friend’s ordinary dog, and so on. Wonder why they do pretend to care about this case.

  3. BTW, I’m all for banning all the pit / bulldog breeds and types. They need to go to extinction, fast, because of all the animal and human suffering they’re causing. I’m just sick and tired of the Animal Rights people thinking the only animal that has rights is their favoured pit / bulldogs. They need to change their name to Pit Bull Rights. It would be less hypocritical.

  4. Sorry Jane, but you seem to have lost the plot here. This is about a clear, barbaric return to bull-baiting. To claim that you don’t understand why ‘Animal rights people’ (whoever they are)would object to this, and then say that they share the blame is just plain silly, and detracts from the core issue. All I want to do about this report is to express my total disgust at it.People who would arrange, film and then advertise such atrocities are scum – IMHO.

  5. Just because it is part of a `culture` does not make it right. Many years ago we sent kids up chimneys in the uk..that was not right and it stopped.
    Statistics show that 74% of spanish people do not support bullfighting.

  6. It is unspeakable cruelty and my only regret is that those monster dogs did not rip that monster man apart. He deserves it. Corrida is not culture, it is animal abuse. Obviously, both that dangerous breed and that ridiculous “culture” should be banned everywhere and forever. What a shame!

  7. The statement of “regret” by Moura rings hollow in light of the fact that he owns or allows such animals around his place.
    They only have one purpose and well he knows it. Such ownership betrays a great lack in the trouser department. It is worth remembering this took place in Portugal, where we are led to believe bullbaiting is a kinder pastime than that in Spain. Impossible to believe that any “punishment” will ensue, despite lobbying by animal rights people, who, are taking some of the flak from certain commentators. (Ridiculous of course.)

  8. Directly to Jane Rawlings, obviously a person who knows nothing about dogs and their breeding. These pit bulls should not be spoken of as bulldog breeds nor generalised in any connection with BULLDOG BREEDS, comments like these only wind up the uninitiated to start campaigns on things that bear no relation to what they are trying to achieve. Whereas I entirely agree that this was a barbaric attack it is not the dogs who are to blame it is the people who own the dogs and they should be brought to face their actions. It seems you have had a great loss at the hand of such dogs and I totally understand your anger but you have to keep it in perspective and hope the authorities deal with it legally.

  9. I cant believe how Spain is still allowed to get away with this sort of thing. Bull torture and murder a national sport! unbelieveable in this day and age in modern Europe. Disgusting

  10. Bullfighting is an artform, that showes the beauty and reality of life and that is meant to make you wiser and more realistic. If you enjoy watching a chef on TV a animal needed to be killed for you enjoyment, in fact the only reason for that animal to be born was that it could e served on a plate for yours and others pleasure. You can be a animal lover, a humanitarian and a meat eater at the same time.

  11. JohnnyB: Helge: Et al. Can you people not read? This article is NOT about bullfighting in Spain. This horrible incident occurred in Portugal. Bullfighting is an odious pastime of course. But let’s be accurate in our condemnation eh?
    Helge: As well as being inaccurate you also talk nonsense about that which is nothing less than animal cruelty.

  12. Stefanjo:The article is not about bullfighting, but many of the comments are, and that is OK.Edward: Breeding animals for eating them is cruel, animals that live in nature lives a cruel life, bullfighting is cruel. That has been the fact of life since the beginning of time. If you are eating meat you are participating in it, because you have the choice to be a vegeterian. Ask a butcher if the pigs he slaughter so you can enjoy your spareribs suffer and finds it cruel to be killed?

  13. Helge: The usual tired old cliches to justify animal torture are being trotted out by you. If you can’t see the difference in killing animals for food and killing them for fun, then you need to remove the blinkers.

  14. In response to killing for fun…people do eat the bull after the fight; around me they proudly serve rabo de toro and as well as bull burgers and stews. Just food for thought…no pun intended. :o)
    I agree this article is not about bullfighting as much as it is about a bull fighter in Portugal who allowed his dogs to attack.

  15. Stefanjo: You miss the point completely.You dont have any knowledge about bullfighting at as well as you probably eat animals yourself not only for their nutritional value but also for their taste. So open your eyes and realize that the bulls in the ring has far better life than those YOU eat that goes to the slaughter house.

  16. So, Christine and Helge. Eating the bull after it has been stabbed with spears, had darts stuck in it, then finally stabbed to death by a clown in a fancy suit, makes it alright?
    Strange logic. Helge, you don’t just miss the point, you are also in the minority. Christine. Completely understand that you don’t want to upset your lovely neighbours, but it’s not necessary to cheer them on. You may discover that some of them are actually agin the practise.

  17. Stefanjo, what I am not is a hypocrite. If I eat meat then by some means they were killed in what form or fashion I may not be privy too. People go hunting is that humane? Rodeos.. eekk! while they don’t kill the animal you can’t tell me they are “having fun” and are not being torture.
    The point is whether I like bull fights or not, I will not tell people that their culture is wrong or call them “clown in fancy suit” because I don’t agree..hell I’m sure there is plenty they would find wrong with our culture (USA). As the saying goes, “I have bigger fish to fry”.
    p.s. your right my neighbors are very lovely :)

  18. Quite right Christine. “Your” rodeos and hunting for fun and not subsistence, belong in the dustbin of history along with bullbaiting. You are also dead right about things wrong with your culture. Not least of which is the bloodthirsty propensity to capital punishment.
    I can make you privy to the way your meat is killed. It is a quick unexpected bolt to the brain, not a long, drawn out corrida.

  19. Not always Stefanjo, a lot would lead you to believe the killing is that clean and painless. Let’s face it all cultures have practices that others may not agree with; also capital punishment is not nationwide in the USA it is based on individual states, but that is another topic.
    Well I’m off to enjoy another beautiful evening in the Costa, be well.

  20. Stefanjo:
    1.Do you eat meat?
    2.If yes, why?
    3.Do you know how much the animals you suffer so you can eat them?

    My point is that you have a double standard, bullfighting is understandably not everyones cup of tea,but being a meat eating hypocrite With little understanding about an artform vs animal care, and undestanding the fact that most animals get killed either by other animals or humans does it point less to argue with you in a meaningfull way. Personally I am half Spanish/Norwegian and I love animals especially dogs. I am also very interested i bullfighting and have been since childhood. It is OK to be against bullfiighting and even some bullfighters in the past have changed their views about the art and started working against it.So there are different opinions among INFORMED People.If you compare a bull, bred for just meat Production vs a bull, bred for the ring, the latter lives a much longer, healthier life in the open air.

  21. Stefanjo:

    Here is how the animals in the UK are treated so you can enjoy your meat dinner:


    Here is a typical enviromennt for the bulls bred for la corrida:


    So how do you Stefanjo defend Your meat eating diet?

  22. Stefanjo:On the contrary.Having such strong views on bullfighting without knowing how the bulls are bred etc, compared to the life of the bulls bred for food production live they lives, and not admitting that these bulls lives a far worse life is a double standard.

  23. Diet and bullFIGHTING are totally different Helge. It’s so obvious. You shouldn’t feel the need to ‘integrate’ in this way. Most Spanish are AGAINST it.

    It’s not a fight at all! Why even after the bull has had SUCH a good life isn’t it called Bull torturing? Bull stabbing?

    I’s suggest integrating in another way. (If you’re not Spanish and came to this country to live)

  24. Geez, if you don’t like bull fighting fine, if you do fine!
    I wish people cared more about our fellow human beings as much, perhaps this world wouldn’t be quite as dodgy.
    Now quick shouldn’t we be fighting over lack of tv programming or something…

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