A BANK is demanding rent payment from two young children after their father died, leaving them without income.

Ages four and nine, the children lost their father (41) in March of 2012 in a work related accident.

Although the man’s will did include life insurance on his rent, BBVA officials say he had stopped paying his life insurance a year before his death.

Yesterday, the Plataforma de Afectados por la Hipoteca (PAH), a Spanish organisation that helps citizens keep their homes when threatened with rent trouble, announced their intention to help the pair navigate the situation, which could potentially leave them with a lifetime of debt.

The PAH intends to meet with bank officials this week to ask for a withdrawal of the demands on the minors.

In response to the PAH announcement, BBVA explained that it is not demanding money directly from the children, but rather from their inheritance.

The bank has reportedly called the widow of the deceased (mother of the younger child) repeatedly over the last year demanding the rent she was unable to pay due to a lack of income.

However, representatives say they are willing to work with the mothers of both children to negotiate payment plans.

The bank claims there is no threat of eviction for the children.

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  1. Surely in an exceptional circumstance, like this, there should be some kind of measure in place that is beneficial all round. I know that you can’t not pay your rent, but in some cases, there needs to be a little leeway until things settle back down.

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