TRADITIONAL debt collectors are using eye-catching tactics to shame people into paying back money.

Actors dressed as monks, bears and bullfighters are being employed by debt collection agencies to draw attention to those in debt.

The more orthodox outfit of a black frock coat and top hat, while carrying a black briefcase is also making a comeback.

The elaborate ruse involves standing outside the indebted person’s home, office or even their table in a restaurant without uttering a word.

For one debt-collection firm, business has increased by 40% over the last five years as more and more Spanish companies go out of business.

The company works for either a fixed fee or a percentage of the debt recovered, with almost all of the firm’s clients being businesses owed by
other businesses.

“We’re one of the few Spanish companies where business is booming,” says Juan Lorca, a manager at Cobrador del Frac.

“We do have clients who are owed millions, and this is becoming more frequent,” he adds.


  1. We are owed a Court-ordered amount of Euros 1 400, and the debtor just ignores it although he can well afford to pay it. Our Spanish friends have suggested that we just send round three big men with clubs (even before considering legal action) to get the amount but is it worth it? Why does Spain not have a system similar to the UK etc where the collection includes an additional charge on the debtor? No wonder there are so many corrupt people here. With the lawyers fees, it was just not worth going to Court and now we realise that we perhaps should have taken the advice on the best way in Spain to collect a small debt. But it is not civilised, is it?

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