MEMBERS of the anti-skyscraper group ‘Plataforma Marbella Contra Las Rascacielos’ held a meeting at the Hotel San Cristobal to celebrate their victory in persuading the Town Hall to scrap its plans for six 50-storey skyscrapers to be built in the town.

Guests included Pablo Hohenlohe, tourism expert and former head of La Consula Rafael de la Fuente, architects Isabel Perez and Pepe Bernal and Ana Lescheria of the PSOE, as well as Maica Machuca, who organised the social media campaign that saw over 2,000 people sign a petition against the skyscrapers.

Carola Herrero, president of the commercial association of Marbella’s old town, thanked the guests for their support, and in particular the media for their help. “The overwhelming support of all the political parties, as well as the ordinary people in Marbella, has shown that they want Marbella to keep its unique character” she added.


  1. Thank goodness – now let’s insure the possibility of high-rise buildings in Marbella are eliminated from the official Building Plan. Residents and tourists do come to Marbella AS IS – we do NOT need to look like another Benidorm, Hong Kong, ad nauseaum!

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