17 Feb, 2014 @ 18:30
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Spain’s motorway charges are taking their toll

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DRIVERS using toll roads have dropped by 33.6% in the last seven years.

Numbers have declined year-on-year from a record daily average of 23,909 vehicles in 2006.

It comes as the toll road network increased from 1,7233 to 2,568km.
The decline between 2012 and 2013 was 4.9%, with the average number of vehicles using the toll roads slipping to 15,864 per day, according to the Ministry of Development.

The R-2 Madrid-Guadalajara ring road suffered the most significant drop, losing 22.5% of traffic, and now an average 4588 vehicles use the road daily.

The government is looking into bailing out the network operators in a deal which will grant them an 80% share in the companies.

Claire Wilson

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  1. More people are coming down to earth & looking at what they’re spending money on so it’s obvious that more than ever people will avoid motorway toll charges.

    The motorways were built to take traffic of regular main roads. This just hasn’t happened in anything like the way the government might like. They should consider a period (say one year) of toll free usage. I think everyone would be surprised at an immediate surge of motorway use & the massive lightening of traffic on local roads. This would benefit the entire country in the way it was originally intended.

  2. I have used a toll Road that cost somewhere in the region of €15 and the alternative non toll takes about 35 minutes longer and costs €5 more in fuel, so most people will not bother with the toll road especially as the other road is empty as well. I think most that are not in a hurry will not use a toll road.

  3. It’s also safer to use a toll road as they’re usually motorway standard. One’s car will also not be subjected to the rough & tumbles of speed humps & roundabouts not to speak of the inevitable red lights. However, most including truckers, usually opt in favor of local main roads rather than pay a toll. Notice that few if any of the trucks hauling containers along the coast here to Algeciras, run along with all the traffic on local main roads rather than use the toll road

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