Exclusive by Imogen Calderwood

POLICE have allegedly apologised for mistakes made in their investigation into how a British teenager was tragically killed on a Costa del Sol motorway.

As Samantha Hardy’s family gather in Spain this week to commemorate the third anniversary of her death, there are still many unanswered questions surrounding that tragic night.

The Olive Press revealed in April 2011 how the 19-year-old from Bolton, was apparently fighting with her boyfriend on the phone when she leapt onto the N340 carriageway.

However, her parents were convinced she was killed by a car – possibly a taxi – which was then allowed to drive off by local police.

The Guardia Civil have consistently told Samantha’s family different versions of how she died.

But it has now been confirmed that that the taxi driver, who possibly killed Samantha, was allowed to leave the scene with two passengers without official questioning.

Police even allegedly failed to get personal details when he returned to the scene later.

The two passengers, both potentially key witnesses, have never been traced.

It was only after her father Peter Hardy demanded to see official Fuengirola court reports that he discovered it was impossible that she died from the fall.

“The local police have since apologised for their actions,” father Peter Hardy told the Olive Press this week.

However, he further criticised them asking why they had not taken video footage from cameras and why was he not allowed to place a sign asking for witnesses?

“There are still many unanswered questions,” he said.

He added: “Even three years on there are so many unanswered questions. I wish I was in a position to use the services of a very good barrister and find the driver who killed Samantha.”


  1. sam was an extremely beautiful, kind hearted and crazy girl, the life and soul of a party. when she wanted to do something, she would DO it, you couldn’t stop her. she was very upset on the night she died due to other reasons, not just because she was arguing with her boyfriend. i personally think that she wanted to jump off the bridge to hurt herself, maybe break a leg or an arm to get some sympathy, i don’t think she wanted to die. i loved her but i’m not sure about hunting down the car that hit her, in order to punish the driver. surely he wouldn’t even had time to see her and react? anyway, rest in peace princess sam. we all love and miss and remember you, and i know for a fact that i’ll never forget you for as long as i live <3 wish you were still with us today xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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