Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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Man shot in the back of the head while driving in Spain’s Malaga

The victim, in his 30s, is still in hospital after miraculously surviving. Doctors say he is not in a critical condition and is expected to recover

Total coronavirus knock out for police force on Spain’s Costa Blanca

THE Costa Blanca town of Cocentaina has no local police officers on duty due to one of their officers catching the coronavirus.

Valencian president says that Spain’s Costa Blanca is safe for tourists as extra police patrols hit nightclubs this weekend

EXTRA police visits to nightclubs have been promised this weekend by Valencian Community president, Ximo Puig, in order to control the spread...

IN DEPTH: Police in Portugal start searching wells in Maddie McCann case as investigations intensify

POLICE in Portugal have begun to search in various locations, some 20 minutes inland from where Maddie McCann was allegedly snatched.

BREAKING: Police shooting in La Cala de Mijas on Spain’s Costa del Sol

THERE have been unconfirmed reports of a Guardia Civil shooting in the Costa del Sol village of La Cala de Mijas.

British man and Spaniards carrying hash and cocaine arrested at Marbella police roadblocks as drug crime returns to Spain’s...

A BRITISH national and two Spaniards have been arrested in Marbella after being caught with hash and cocaine. The...

Police arrest four people in Spain’s Malaga over a homophobic attack that sent a man to hospital

FOUR people have been arrested in Malaga over a homophobic attack.

Nearly 9,000 people arrested in Spain for gender violence crimes during state of alarm

NEARLY 9,000 people in Spain have been arrested for gender violence crimes during the state of alarm.

BUSTED: Drugs ‘gang leader’ with martial arts bodyguard arrested on Spain’s Costa Blanca after being caught out by false...

POLICE have dismantled an international drugs syndicate in Alicante and arrested its leader. The notoriously security-conscious drug kingpin had...

‘COLD BLOOD’: Police reveal British dad shot dead at Costa del Sol home was ‘watched for days’ by...

THE ‘cold blood’ slaying of a British businessman, gunned down outside his Costa del Sol home, was carried out by ‘UK assassins’...

Spanish police rescue man who fell down 20 metre well in Catalunya

A MAN has been rescued by the police after he fell into a well in Catalunya.

Police in Spain can issue fines as high as €3,000 to people who throw their gloves and face masks...

POLICE throughout Spain have started issuing fines to people who throw their used gloves and face masks on the ground.

Police in Malaga province denounce three bars for allowing their customers to share shisha pipes

POLICIA Local in Malaga have filed a denuncia against three bars that allowed their customers to share shisha pipes.

Squatters on Spain’s Costa Blanca took over TWO houses – one to live in, the other to store stolen...

A GANG of squatters stole so much loot in a series of burglaries they had to occupy a second home to use...

Fugitive killer who shot police officers while on the run in Spain arrested in SWAT operation

A FUGITIVE who shot two police officers while on the run from a homicide conviction has finally been arrested in Spain.

British fugitive wanted for conspiracy to murder arrested in Spain’s Barcelona

A BRITISH fugitive wanted on suspicion of conspiring to murder two men has been arrested in Barcelona. Policia Nacional...

Police arrest two terror suspects in Spain for planning to create a jihadi group but also for breaking lockdown...

POLICIA Nacional have arrested two terror suspects in Castilla-La Mancha.

Drink driving continues in Gibraltar as COVID-19 active cases rise slightly

Three drunk driving arrests as the number of active cases of COVID-19 on the Rock has risen slightly from two to four, the first increase in ten days.

COVID-19: Police fine 23 swimmers who jumped fence for dip in stunning reservoir near Spain’s Costa del Sol

POLICE have handed out fines to 23 people who took a dip in a stunning Malaga reservoir. On three...

COVID-19: Barbers on Spain’s Costa del Sol denounced as plainclothes police find eight people in space of 66 square...

A COSTA del Sol barber shop has been denounced because it had too many customers in its tiny premises.

Spanish police arrest an 83-year-old man in his home after he opened fire on the officers

AN 83-year-old man has been arrested after shooting at the police in Castilla y León.

Spanish police try to identify people partying in viral video in Madrid during lockdown

THE police have been trying to identify the people who appear in a video partying on the streets of Madrid during lockdown.

Policeman ends up in hospital after being run over at a coronavirus checkpoint in Madrid

A POLICEMAN has been run over at a checkpoint in Madrid when a car refused to stop.

Woman arrested in Madrid for lying about being kidnapped when instead she broke lockdown rules to go to a...

A WOMAN has been arrested in Madrid for saying she was kidnapped but instead broke lockdown rules and went to a birthday party.

Costa Blanca cops keep confined kids content with lock-down learning literature

ORIHUELA Policia Local have produced two activity books to help stimulate the minds of children during lock-down. The books...

Police in Spain are impounding Gibraltar-registered cars, with some drivers invoiced up to €17,000 in COVID-19 clampdown

Fabian Picardo expresses sympathy with owners of vehicles caught out, but confirms they should have registered them as Spanish if they were living there.