21 May, 2014 @ 09:56
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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Hiding Costa del Sol fraudster Nigel Goldman doorstepped by a new victim in the UK

nigel goldman exclusive op video
CAUGHT: Goldman caught on camera by victim Leon Shephard

COSTA conman Nigel Goldman has been caught in a sting he would be proud of.

The fraudster, who is being sought in Spain, was hijacked outside his hideout in rural Berkshire, admitting he owes money to ‘a lot of people’.

Filmed as he arrived home in his bashed up Vauxhall Zafira – understood to be after a day gambling at Newbury racecourse – he looked very nervous.

Taken by a fresh UK victim, who has filed evidence of yet another scam to Thames Valley police, Goldman later insisted his PayPal account had been ‘frozen’.

“He also admitted he’s about to sign on for benefits,” revealed the local businessman, based in Berkshire.

“He blames all his problems on the Olive Press, saying it is a personal vendetta against him, but I don’t suppose you were responsible for his first two prison sentences.”

The middle aged victim added: ” This time however he has a lot more than the Spanish press on him. I will make him pay for his crimes. It’s only a matter of time.”

Tom Powell

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  1. Seems like this publication does have a vendetta against certain people, I’m sure the authorities could handle this alone without the interference of this Micky Mouse press!!!!

  2. Wasn’t it reported previously that he’d lost weight, dyed his hair and grown a moustache? And where’s the Ferrari? Although the Olive Press have covered this extensively, some may think too much so, if the facts are totally accurate and it’s responsible reporting, then I do think highlighting this story is in the public interest!

  3. The “Authorities” didn’t give a toss until the O.P. “interfered” More power to their elbow. May they continue exposing these Blag Merchants. You should be grateful “Paul”, unless you have an axe to grind…

  4. I just do NOT understand why the UK police/authorities have not arrested this guy,interviewed him, deposed him and forced him to pay substantial BAIL until a trial.He has allegedly created fraud in the UK on a UK citizen, numerous times in Spain to UK citizens, had at least one Denuncia filed against him…. and UK “authorities have not even taken him into custody or obtained an ASBO on this perp. Oh, I know why…
    they wait for him to claim Unemployment & Housing Benefits + others (if he’s too heavy to work, girl friend get pregnant, his back goes out in the process…etc) so he gets ALL these Taxpayer paid Benefits for years, using Taxpayer paid legal expenses until brought to trial (may be dead of old age by then!)and if Ordered to be Extradited for Trial in Spain, will Appeal to the EU Court of Justice as this would Infringe on his Human Rights to a life & family in the UK.
    OR – he’s directly related to someone in the upper class levels in the Government?! Where else does such a known perp go free

  5. Not disputing the guy is a scam artist, but people who will invest in order to get unrealistically high returns (greedy people) deserve to get scammed, and often have made their own money by ill treating others they have dealt with.

    In other words, what goes around comes around, if you are gullible or greedy enough to believe what a scam artists states, you are simply paying for a lesson in common sense.

    The first rule among scam artists is “Never try to con an honest man” and the second is “You cannot con someone unless you first get their greed working”

    Let greedy people beware, there IS not such thing as a free lunch.

  6. @John – I see the issue is who CONDUCTS the illegal act to defraud others… not who is gullible/oriented enough to go along with that fraud for whatever their reason.
    Latter is not illegal so not subject to arrest & prosecution.
    Query – has the UK Police arrested anyone yet… even visited the known & reported domicile of Goldman… talked with Postman there… reported on Goldman’s lineage… any Police Officials relieved of duty (with LESS than 500,000 GBP Transitional Compensation?)ad nauseum. UKIP is UK’s only hope!

  7. Doubtful the UK police will get involved, as the prosecutors will bounce the case due to the uncertainty of getting a ‘result’ as there will great difficulty proving actual criminal action as opposed to inefficiency and bad management of funds, plus he’s too small to be tasty to them, and in any case would only get 18 months (effectively) in an open prison…. basically not worth the effort.

    That may be a sad fact of life, but it’s truth…

  8. Why the persecution of this man?
    He does have investment knowledge and business skills.
    Remember when a client invests and the funds rise in value the client has made money! When the fund performance has dipped the advisor has lost them money!
    Those follow up meetings for the advisor can be uncomfortable.
    I have every sympathy for those who have lost money.Think about those who lost cash in Icelandic Banks in 2008.UK Govt bodies invested, it is a massive shock to think that because of a loss your future is in jeopardy, with our friend Nigel, it is a long time since his convictions through basis greed, stupidity and ego.
    He even was trying to sell an old chair on e bay!
    Hardly the actions of a man who has made off with a fortune.
    His weakness is being unable to face the music when something has gone wrong.I would only invest if a compensation scheme was in force.Uk banks cover you up to £80,000 only.This came to play during 2008.
    The property funds went down in value prior to the demise of UK and US banks in 2007 not 2008, the warnings were clear.
    Ex pats in Spain complained and were concerned about the Euro exchange rates against Uk Sterling up until then Spain was a
    sunny financial solution.

  9. Continued, also when money exchange rates have fallen people will look to other areas other that cash accounts to maintain their lifestyle, and that move will always involve some more risk than a cash based investment.Also think of February2009 when the Uk base rate dropped to 0.5%, my point being that cash rate can fluctuate and the public accept it.When stock markets fall the public can react awkwardly.
    If NG does end up in Court the chance are of not guilty, what has he done wrong, a fund manager can get it wrong.
    I think the Ex pat Spanish community acted in a naive manner.
    Time will tell, no doubt some of my comments may attract comment, i hope i have spoken with sense and i wish everyone well.

  10. I do agree with the whole vendetta thing. I like the OP… but give it a rest!!! It´s great that they uncover things, bring it to light, do investigative journalism… love it. But now it´s just becoming annoying. Same with all the stories related to TRE… I don´t know what the issue is between you two… but move on!

  11. How on earth would this man if sent to trial would receive a fair trial? There is so much media publicity and don`t ever think a jury instructed by a judge not to view the accused on the internet would obey.I am not a barrister but quite a skilled salesman,i would get that case dropped on the first hearing, UK law.
    Spanish law is quite happy for ex pats to lose their money anyway, watch them buy Spanish property then bulldoze it.Great justice that is.

  12. I remember Nigel cruising Birmingham UK in a two door Rolls Royce bearing the plate NG2 frothing at the mouth in Libertys night club, too much Moet.On TV buying a 1933 rare penny, quite a talented Lad.

  13. I have to say too whilst i am in the mood to comment NG2 was purchasing gold at an alarming rate in Jan 1980 when gold prices were high, he bounced a chq in my Cousin`s favour, not wise, but he honoured the deal in cash a few days later, i remember my Cousin after the event having a cosy chat in Maxi Millions night club, so there were no hard feelings.That Cousin of mine ended his business career with several million in the bank, i`m still working but have more than a million in assets, daft really NG used to pass me at the bus stop i was wearing dirty factory clothes and he was looking like a Lord.
    I was quite envious, not now i have made my own in the world.
    I hope things turn out for him and the people who bear losses.
    Take care all.

  14. I am sure Nigel reads this online newspaper so a message for him from a friend of mine, i bought the book and lent it to her to read,Her words were “amazing” tempted to identify her but it would mean phoning her for permission and i can`t be bothered to reach over the table for the phone.
    A clue!
    Dark haired older than her peer group in Liberty`s champagne bar, still looks fantastic, initial B.
    Said She knew your Mother too.
    She sends her care and best wishes to you.

  15. Isn’t the point being missed? He is alleged to have lost investor’s money in a Moroccan Ponzi Scheme not through a portfolio of stocks, shares or commodities!

  16. Morris states “alleged to have lost” two peremptory words, ‘alleged’ and ‘lost’ not ‘found guilty’ and ‘stolen’.

    Then “Moroccan Ponzi Scheme” a combination of words that any sane person would know means ‘no chance of success’.

    We have a small time scam artist conning foolish greedy folk with a simplistic and totally recognizable scam scenario that anyone really should see through before they got involved.

    Meanwhile the entire international banksters community have gotten away with defrauding the world and nobody even gets named and shamed…. Wake up people, stop trying to make easy money (you cannot) and focus on the real criminals, not petty thieving scam artists who mainly feed on the bottom crawlers of society.

  17. John,quite right, a small time crook lands in Marbella with a cv of crime and takes the ex pats to town,more fool them.
    Surely engaging in any business deal a bit of research is required?
    Spends lunchtime getting pissed and impresses society in Spain.Good luck to Roger Parks for not falling for it.

  18. Yes AG, it’s called ‘due diligence’ and any minimal amount of due diligence would have shown details of who one was thinking of dealing with.

    Generally putting his name into Google as ‘Nigel Goldman, scam?’ will produce 5 pages of results….

    A fool and his money are soon parted.

  19. John,
    My Wife`s friends Husband did 6 years for reclaiming the vat on the gold probably from the 1983 brinks mat, when he went in he owned a stately home, when he came out he was doing car boots to survive.A Guy who it was announced at his funeral had owned 17 Rolls Royces.
    What i have learned over time is that these people end up with nil assets and a boring story to tell.
    NG has fallen into this sector.
    He may pop up again selling a few gold coins related to a Royal wedding, nothing much more!

  20. So NG has spoken, i have some sympathy for him, car boots and e bay? just a living,no millionaire status there,just hand to mouth stuff,he considers the pursuit of people Jewish! is the motivation of The Olive Press.
    I don`t think that the world thinks like that anymore.
    I think his statement is wrong, i experienced great hostility
    at school for being Polish,disturbing but didn`t stop me being a millionaire at aged 44.
    People need to be aware of their own wealth and investments and act accordingly,if you hand over your resources to a self employed trader i think you are naive.As a millionaire client of mine said today it is his job to examine charging
    structures and associated risk.etc
    However the lad has not been called in yet.
    So i ask if he is guilty of anything of calling the market wrong?

  21. I don`t consider NG to have done anything wrong,clients would have known the associated risk,lost and are crying now,guilty of greed and financial solution expectation.

  22. I have to say too whilst i am in the mood, my Wife woke me in November 2002.I was recovering from the night before and i looked at the share price of Telewest,0.5p, We had about £300,000 in the bank and i said lets have a try, i phoned Hsbc and they bought £250,000 of shares not 250,000 of shares,suddenly i am into the bank for a quarter of a million,i only wanted to chance £2,000 pounds, thanks to the market it went to 4.5p and i exited with £1,300,000 not bad for a hangover bet!
    I bought in 1989 for £5 which i sold at auction for £5,400 William John Leech, Ireland`s most famous artist.

    The Lady barmaid from Libertys is an older Lady called Barbara
    Aston, she has read your book and sends you her best love and wishes.She roots for you well and wishes you well through this difficult period of time.

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