THE abdication of King Juan Carlos has cost journalists, writers and illustrators their jobs, after disputes over coverage of the historic event.

The co-founder of Spain’s El Mundo and long-time royal correspondent, Ana Romero, has allegedly left the paper, after she made references to the king’s relationship with German aristocrat Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein.

A spokesperson for Unidad Editorial – El Mundo’s publisher – said that Romero remains on the staff, and that reports that coverage was censored by editor Casimiro Garcia-Abadillo were untrue.

He added that arguments between journalists are common, particularly on high-pressure days such as June 2, the day of the king’s abdication.

Staff at the satirical magazine El Jueves have also suffered in the wake of the abdication.

At least three illustrators – Alberto Monteys, Manuel Fontdevila and Bernado Vergara – and writer Isaac Rosa, announced via Twitter that they had left after a dispute.

It is reported the magazine’s publisher RBA pulled a front page illustration showing the king handing over a dirty crown.

Sandra Domenech, a spokesperson for RBA, confirmed the split with the illustrators and writer.

Two more El Mundo reporters, Maria Ramirez and her husband Eduardo Suarez, are facing disciplinary proceedings over comments made on Twitter.

Ramirez said that Garcia-Abadillo had censored Romero’s report on the abdication and expressed support for Romero.


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