27 Jun, 2014 @ 10:44
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Ex-king Juan Carlos nears legal immunity amid paternity suits

king juan carlos

FORMER King Juan Carlos is one step closer to regaining his lost immunity.

The 76-year-old ex-monarch lost his legal immunity after giving up his throne to his son, King Felipe VI, who took the throne on June 19.

But an amendment has been passed by Spain’s lower house of parliament that means any legal case involving Juan Carlos must be examined by the Supreme Court – which has a higher threshold for evidence.

This level of protection also applies to members of government and many judicial figures.

Juan Carlos is currently being threatened by two paternity suits, filed against him in 2012.

Alberto Sola Jimenez from Catalunya and Belgian national Ingrid Jeanne Satiau both claim to be the former king’s illegitimate children.

Politicians admitted last week that new legislation was being rushed through to protect the ex-ruler against these claims.

Two years ago, a devastating book by Pilar Eyre suggested that Juan Carlos was a professional seducer who had bedded more than 1,500 women.

Imogen Calderwood

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  1. The world can’t afford these half wits of a monarchy anymore, in Spain or the UK or anywhere else,,,,, A president elected by due process is all any country needs as a head of state in this day and age. Having said that the people we elect are the people we deserve these past few years,,,,, such a parcel of rogues would be hard to find anywhere outside of a prison…..

  2. Such blatant corruption in this country why are they allowed to ‘rush it through’ when ordinary people are jailed for months on a denunciation with no evidence whatsoever. This country is supposed to be in the EU therefore suspects need to be charged within a set time or released without charge. A friend of mine was in jail for 3 months on a totally false denunciation and gets no compensation when released!!!

  3. reading comments above, why do you live in Spain when you pull it apart so much. As for there being no corruption in the UK monarchy pull your head out of the sand

  4. Valarie, in the UK there are rules around arrests and how long they can hold you and something called evidence, not just the word of someone holding a grudge. Believe me there is stuff in the UK that I moan about and is unjust. that doesn’t mean I have to be a sycophant here just because I live here.

  5. @Valerie, of course this goes on in the UK, and indeed the world over. However, you’ve got to agree that it’s a bit rich of Juan Carlos to make a “justice is for all” statement whilst in the middle of a process to extricate himself from multiple class paternity suits?

  6. Valerie, I wouldn’t bother!


    Viva España!

    Such a refreshing country to live in.

  7. @Derek, so it’s not a disgrace that Juan Carlos can escape his paternal legal obligations? Please post your opinion on that specific point. We are waiting for an actual reply from you that addresses that issue (at this point everyone will notice how Derek goes quiet).

  8. In case you hadn’t noticed Fred I was backing up a mystified poster as to why you glorify in ripping Spain apart every day on this website.

    Stuart, how more jealous bitter and angry can you be that you didn’t fit in living in this fantastic country? although with qualities like that, it’s hardly surprising that Spain spat you out.

    Anyhow, the fiesta season months are upon us! Viva España!

  9. No surprise here really. Of course he is not going to be pursued in the courts. The UK has got the royal clown Prince Charles to look forward to.

    I live year round in Spain. I bought an apartment 5 years ago. I am a legal resident. I pay tax here, I’m on the local pardon etc. I’ve had no problems here.

    I have lived and worked for 8 years in Portugal. I used to own a house in France.

    Spain is no worse then any other country yet whenever I visit these pages (which isn’t often as I have a pleasant life to get on with), I see the same names whingeing and whining about every possible subject.

    Is there nothing at all about this lovely country and people that these whingers like?

  10. @Derek, thanks for not answering the question and demonstrating to the forum that you obviously agree that Juan Carlos should not take any responsibility for his offspring. Perhaps you are one of these people who has fled to Spain to avoid child maintenance payments?

    I don’t write the stories, and in any event I am talking about an individual here, not about Spain.

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