AT the age of 60, American expat Barbara Napier has passed away in her home in Mojacar, Almeria.

Napier struggled for years with Wegner’s disease, a terminal illness which inflames blood vessels, affecting the nose and sinuses as well as internal organ systems.

Born 7 July, 1953 in Santa Cruz, California, Barbara Beaumont moved to Andalucia in 1980 where met her husband Lenox Napier.

Barbara Napier is celebrated as a pioneer of English journalism in the area.

Also a great lover of horses, Napier founded ANIMO, an animal therapy charity which used horses and donkeys to lift the spirits of disabled children.

Miraculously, Napier herself credits her mare Frisona with alleviating her Wegner’s, reporting that riding improved her physical health enough that she no longer needed the prescribed steroids.

Napier leaves behind her husband Lenox Napier, three children and four grandchildren.

As both a journalism pioneer and a loving wife, mother and grandmother, she will be greatly missed.

Today would have been her 61st birthday.

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