POLICE are on the hunt for a paedophile in Madrid’s Ciudad Lineal district.

He has kidnapped at least two young girls in the last few months, and may be guilty of a third case.

The district is under strict patrol, as police have orders to stop any man seen close to children or anyone that seems ‘suspicious.’

The criminal at large, a man 0f about 40, snatches girls from public areas and leaves them on the street hours later, drugged, beaten, disoriented and scrubbed clean of any DNA traces.

On April 10 he kidnapped a nine-year-old girl who entered a sweet store with her friends, claiming to be a friend of her mother’s.

“You need to come with me because I talked to your mother and we have to go so you can try on clothes,” he told the girl.

The second kidnapping – of a six-year-old girl this time – took place on June 17 on Ruiz Street, where the girl was lingering around the entrance to her parents’ food store.

Both girls were admitted to hospital when they were found, and although they are in good health, neither can recall any details of the event.

Witnesses cannot reach an agreement about the car seen; while some say it was white, others insist it was light grey, and even more yet recount a red car – in sum leaving about 78,000 cars in the municipality that could match the description.

As of yet, police have no other investigation method than to search every potential car, one by one.

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