SPAIN’S building trade is back in business as the fastest-growing in Europe, according to the latest data.

The country’s construction industry registered an incredible 42.4% growth since May 2013 – the highest in all of Europe put together – according to the EU statistics office, Eurostat.

Spain outperformed both the Eurozone, which showed a miniscule 3.5% growth, and the European Union (3.2%).

Slovenia came second after Spain, with growth of 41.8%, followed by Hungary (28.7%) and Poland (6.8%). The Netherlands came bottom with 4%, followed by Portugal (10.2%) and Romania (10.3%).


  1. Good to see the sector pick up again, as it’s here where the real jobs will be created, not cheap jobs that are relocated to China. No point in getting excited by high percentage figures though, as the sector is coming back from a low base.

  2. Apart from the usual sites with cranes left idle, unfinished, I see with my own eyes buildings being finished off at the coast where we go to, and people moving into the finished buildings. All sold in certain sought after areas. This is after years of stagnation with no activity.

    Let’s hope this spreads to other less fortunate places in Spain!

  3. Interesting that the Olive Press often seems to have these “up beat” articles relating to property. Quote “according to the latest data”. Where from? The country has a mountain of unsold and part built property. Why would you build more!!

  4. Ha ha ha ha ha – I’m off to Spain soon to buy a load of scaffolding at knock down prices – me “I’m going to do you a favour, what’s that you say, listen, a percentage of something is an awful lot better than 100% of nothing – saves?

  5. A basic fact kb, is that these things go in circles. Why do you suppose that house Sales are up over 8% in June compared to the previous year? Not that there isn’t a long way to go yet, but if you really believe trends can only go down permanently then I sould suggest that perhaps you are more in need of educating.

  6. The construction market in Spain to grow at a CAGR of 2.57% over the period 2014-2019. The construction market in Spain is slowly recovering after the global economic crisis of 2008-2009 compared to other countries in Europe. To revive the growth in the construction market, Spanish government is planning to invest huge amount in the construction of road and transport infrastructure, which is expect to drive the market in the coming years.

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