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CONTRACT CRISIS: Spain is Europe’s worst for getting workers into full-time jobs

FEWER than one in 10 temporary workers in Spain are ever offered permanent contracts. The shocking figure makes Spain the worst out of 28 EU...

Andalucia lagging behind due to reliance on EU funds, claims new study

The study suggests in terms of time Andalucia lost nine years in GDP

Property market hotting up in Spain

The increase was the biggest year-on-year jump since the first quarter of 2008, according to Eurostat

Spanish kids leave home much later than EU average

The average age for Spaniards to leave home for the first time is 28.9 years

Organic growth spurt in Spain

Spain has the largest area dedicated to organic farming in the whole of Europe

Spain’s construction industry fastest-growing in EU

The building trade is looking up

Massive drop-out rate in Spanish schools

Spain has highest drop-out rate in the EU for the third year in a row, according to new report

Spain is home to all of the EU’s top five employment blackspots

And another two Spanish regions are in the top 10

Working worries in Andalucia

Andalucia named as Europe’s second most unemployed region

Worker woe

Spaniards work a longer week on average than other European nations despite the average Spanish salary being much lower, according to Eurostat.