ONE THIRD of Spain’s chicos and chicas won’t fly the parental nest until the ripe old age of 34.moving home

Eurostat’s latest figures reveal that the average age for Spanish not-so-youngsters to leave home for the first time is 28.9 years. That’s way behind the EU average of 26.1 years.

A massive 34% of Spanish 25-34 year olds admit they are ‘not at all independent’, while 20.9% live with Mum and Dad as couples with children, and 25.5% without.

Swedish youngsters are the fledgling trailblazers moving out at just 19.6 years, while the Greeks and Portuguese are more in line with the Spanish, leaving home at 29.3 and 29 respectively.

Women across the board of all EU member states leave the family home before men.

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