ANDALUCIA raked in more than €500 million from tourists flocking to the region’s greens in 2013.

Up by 5.4% on 2012, this is the most ‘wedge’ the sport has made since 2010, as Andalucia’s tourism boom continues.

The average length of a golf vacation has increased to 12.8 days with an average spend of €86.18 per day.

However, golf tourists can suffer from ‘tunnel vision’. A study of 1,000 players and 98 course managers showed that 66% of golf tourists to Andalucia have no other interest in the region and a mere eight percent claim any attraction to the region’s cultural offerings.

Andalucia is the national leader in golf tourism and home to 21.7% of all Spanish golf courses. Of these courses, 49% are in Malaga while an additional 22% are in Cadiz.

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