16 Aug, 2014 @ 15:00
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Nutella prices to soar as world hazelnut crop suffers adverse weather

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POOR weather has devesated hazelnut crops in Turkey resulting in massive price increases for the main ingredient in popular chocolate spread Nutella.

Turkey grows over 70% of the world’s hazelnut crop, so after an unexpected frost in March destroyed the young hazelnut flowers during a critical time in their development, the country was forced to up prices on their top export.

The price of the nut has already skyrocketed nearly 60%, meaning chocolatiers will have to pay €7835 per tonne instead of the usual €4850.


  1. It´s always the same. And we, the consumers, always do buy this bullshit too.

    ..since I´ve never seen nutella prices on the shelves drop when hazelnut prices reach their down due to a record harvest in Turkey or wherever, the same way that gasoline prices never go down when the barrel reaches an historic low. The next will be the dramatic price increases of milk and dairy products since all the milk-cows in Liechtenstein have got the cattle-flu leading to a dramatic shortage in Europe and worldwide.

    Besides, are we sure the hazelnuts supposedly contained in this spread from the transnational Ferrero are turkish? Because the chinese production has been soaring in recent years (what else could be expected?)

    Just don´t buy Nutella anymore: you (we) will surely survive without it.

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