IT’S an international story that keeps twisting and turning, all the while tugging on the heartstrings.

But one thing has been made very clear…How parents Brett and Naghmeh King must regret taking Ashya back to England on getting diagnosis of his tumour.

They presumably thought returning to Portsmouth and placing Ashya in Southampton hospital was the best option. But everyone knows what happened next.

Spain takes a lot of criticism for public services (much of it warranted), but its healthcare – despite huge cuts over the last decade – is actually pretty enviable.

As many long-term expats will tell you, the treatment here is generally excellent… if sometimes the doctors rather gruff and uncommunicative.

The Olive Press has heard many tales of foreigners failing to be diagnosed in the UK, only to come to Spain to have them discovered… and ultimately treated!

Either way, decisions should, most certainly, be in the hands of the family, and the Kings should have been able to do whatever they wanted to help save their boy.

It is almost unfathomable to think that a five-year-old boy with a brain tumour has been isolated from his family, and his parents jailed for trying to save his life. Something has gone very wrong.

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