THE wife of the ‘adopted son’ of Torremolinos, Sir George Langworthy, has been honoured with a memorial ceremony.

Anne Margaret Roe, along with her husband, bought the Castillo Santa Clara in 1930 and converted it into a residential hotel – the first on the Costa del Sol.

After Anne’s death – aged just 40 – Sir George decided to devote his life to charity.

Known to locals as ‘El Ingles de la Peseta’, Langworthy was famous for giving a peseta – then enough to feed a family for a day – in exchange for a passage read from the Bible.

He gave out more than 12 million pesetas before falling into poverty.


  1. I just arrived in Spain and am reading this article tonight as I sit on the pool deck shown in this picture, just a few steps from the monument/picture of Sir George on this spot where his home once stood. As an owner now where he once lived, it’s good to see this story still circulating, and the full story is even more inspiring. Sir George was a Christian indeed, remembering the words of his Lord, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Thanks for sharing this great story of this locale’s history which should never be forgotten. Here we have one more illustration of the truth that it’s not what life brings us but how we react to events that determines our worth and success in life.

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