THE Guardia Civil has released footage, showing a high-speed boat chase between themselves and a small yacht loaded with hashish.

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The yacht is believed to have contained 300 kilos of hashish and the incident took place in international waters close to Melilla.

Whilst the Spanish authorities tailed the perpetrators on water, an Italian helicopter filmed the chase from above.

After crashing into the yacht, officers boarded the boat and were met by a series of punches and shoves from the drug traffickers.

The yacht used by the traffickers flies a Spanish flag, is registered in Melilla, and had its registration numbers deliberately removed.

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  1. A DUMB law enforcement strategy by the GC in a flimsy SHRINF boat – must be a “helf en safy” strategy from the Uk. – BETTER IDEA: AFTER A WARNING BY RADIO OR LOUD HAILER TO STOP, THE GC SHOULD USE AUTO FIRE THEN 3″ CANNON TO STOP THE DRUG BOAT (AND SAve legal, court and prison costs for such law breakers. , and unneeded safety risk to themselves!This straTEGY MIGHT also ENHANCE THE fish population!!

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