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SAFFRON RIP-OFF in Spain as crooks put new labels on ‘bulked-out’ cheap Iranian imports

A massive saffron con has been busted which involved cheap Iranian imports of the expensive spice being rebranded as coming from the Castilla La...

Police officer in Spain’s Mallorca accused of paying 15-year-old girl for sex

The Guardia Civil officer, who is described as being 'middle-aged', has been charged with the corruption of a minor

Man in Spain’s Mallorca calls Guardia Civil over 50 times in a row to insult them

Every time the call was answered by an operator, the man threw a barrage of insults and profanities

Elderly women come to blows in queue-jumping fight at a Costa Blanca supermarket in Spain

SHOPPERS at a Javea area supermarket were shocked yesterday(April 13) to witness a fight over somebody pushing into a check-out queue. Even more staggering was...

Police swarm out to bring down drug-dealing family that threatened concerned residents on Spain’s Costa Blanca

ALMOST a hundred Guardia Civil officers took to the streets at the same time to bring down a drugs gang operating out of a...

Pringles snack tubes with drugs and cash in false bottoms don’t fool police on Spain’s Costa Blanca

TWO Costa Blanca men could'nt fool the Guardia Civil at a checkpoint after officers discovered drugs and cash in two Pringles snack tubes. The men...

British expats suing over ‘missing’ Scottish banknotes seized by police in 2017 on Spain’s Costa Blanca

TWO British residents in Javea on the Costa Blanca want their money back, nearly four years after it was seized by the Guardia Civil. Over...

PEDAL POWER as police pull over a bicycle with a hidden engine on Spain’s Costa Blanca

A Costa Blanca cyclist crossed paths with the law after giving his bicycle extra speed by attaching an engine to it. The 41-year-old man redefined...

Bird poachers in Spain’s Malaga province caught red-handed with over 300 protected specimens

THE Guardia Civil has seized 303 protected specimens which have been released back into the wild and is investigating 18 people for wildlife trafficking. Among...

Drunk driver arrested after travelling wrong way down motorway in Spain’s Mallorca

The man repeatedly ignored the police's sirens as well as their loudspeaker instructions to pull over

Police in protest as “lives at risk” from sharing bulletproof vests among Spain’s Guardia Civil

BULLETPROOF vests are having to be shared among Guardia Civil due to poor planning, according to their union, UnionGC. They consider it unacceptable that, during...

THE FALL OF FRANCO: Valencia Guardia Civil remove fascist symbols from city barracks

Shields had previously been taken down from schools, churches, and army headquarters

Deadly lightning kills over 30 sheep, a cow and a ram in rural Spain

The macabre images released by the Guardia Civil look like something out of a gory, zombie-apocalypse film.

Spain’s Guardia Civil releases video warning about dangers of taking selfies

THE Guardia Civil has released a video warning about the dangers of taking a selfie and how to make sure you don’t die in the process.

BREAKING: Police shooting in La Cala de Mijas on Spain’s Costa del Sol

THERE have been unconfirmed reports of a Guardia Civil shooting in the Costa del Sol village of La Cala de Mijas. Witnesses reported that police...

Spain’s Guardia Civil arrest man in Malaga province responsible for forest fire

A MAN has been arrested by the Guardia Civil in Malaga province for causing a forest fire.

Police probe launched after human skull unearthed in woodland area on Spain’s Costa del Sol

The skull was discovered in a woodland area during fire prevention tasks.

PSOE politician in Andalucia apologises for his comments comparing Basque nationalist party Bildu and Spain’s Guardia Civil, regarding terrorism

A DEPUTY Mayor in Jaen province has had to apologise for his comments comparing the Basque nationalist party Bildu and the Guardia Civil, in regards to terrorism.

Spain’s Guardia Civil rescue 83-year-old man who fell into ravine in Malaga province

AN 83-year-old man has been rescued by the Guardia Civil after he fell into a ravine 15 metres deep.

WATCH: Guardia Civil raid clandestine cockfight with crowd of 120 people in Spain’s Sevilla

83 people denounced for participating in underground cockfighting in El Palmar de Troya (Sevilla).

WATCH: Covidiots film themselves speeding at 240 kph in their FOURTH violation of coronavirus lockdown restrictions in Spain’s Andalucia

Driver investigated for reckless driving in Spain, over 240 kph and breaking confinement rules.

Charities and police combine to help feed Costa Blanca migrant communities during lock-down crisis

THE ALICANTE Food Bank and several charities have combined forces with Guardia Civil to collect and distribute food parcels among migrant communities in the...

WATCH: Moment armed gang pose as Guardia Civil officers to smash in garage and steal €50,000 of cannabis in...

Videos reveal that the group smashed in the garage doors, before fleeing, leaving marijuana buds littered across the driveway

COVID-19: Tributes flood in as first Guardia Civil officer dies in Malaga

It was as the procession rolled through Antequera that the news came through that after 48 hours in a critical condition, the officer had passed

A Guardia Civil agent is seriously injured after being run over at a coronavirus checkpoint in Spain’s Toledo

A GUARDIA Civil agent has been seriously injured after being run over at a Covid-19 checkpoint.

BREAKING: SECOND young Guardia Civil officer dies from coronavirus in Spain despite NO pre-existing health conditions

SPAIN has seen its second Guardia Civil agent die from COVID-19 despite having no pre-existing conditions that would put him at a higher risk.  Francisco...




EXPLAINED: The new Costa Blanca and Valencia restrictions after Spain’s State of Alarm ends tonight

A midnight curfew and extended opening hours for bars and restaurants are the main headlines of amended restrictions announced by the Valencian government this...