ROOFTOPS across Andalucia are getting a new lease of life.

Spanish roofs are traditionally the barren domain of air conditioners, satellite dishes and laundry, but non-profit group Redetejas has sparked a revolution.

The group aims to transform the lofty ‘lost’ spaces into lively community hubs, used for concerts, theatre performances and even circuses.

“They’re spaces in the city and are somewhat public, but vastly underused,” said group member Jaime Fernandez.

“Historically, they were used as collaborative spaces between neighbours but today they’ve lost their social role.”

‘Reclaiming and re-conquering’ the terraces is simple: the event organisers pitch their idea and willing hosts offer their rooftop for the night.

Anything from a lecture on constellations and astronomy to yoga demonstrations is allowed, with a maximum of 100 people attending.

Events are stripped to their bare bones and strictly non-profit, meaning there is no need for licences.

“It was surprisingly complicated to convince people that they could organise something on their rooftops and that it was no problem to invite strangers,” added Fernandez.

After one year, the project has taken off, expanding from Sevilla to Madrid, Barcelona and even as far afield as Argentina.


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  1. Roofs have become “barren spaces” due to a combination of air-conditioning, telly, and the internet in all its forms.
    Folk no longer need to retreat to the roof to escape heat and boredom. It’s a shame, but that’s progress…

  2. On a related note, Spain is supposed to be passing a new roopftop usage law soon, whereby any telecommunications company can commandeer your roof for the purposes of erecting a mast or other network data device, whether you like it or not. In Spain, it seems you’re not king of your castle.

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