CATALUYNA’S regional government has approved a new law to allow ‘public consultations’, or non-binding referenda to be held.

The region’s campaign for independence appears to be gaining momentum despite Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy questioning the legality of the referendum due to be held on November 9.

Catalan’s regional PP party and Ciutadans were metaphorically knocked back last week when Scottish citizens voted against a break-away from the UK in their national referendum.

Supporters of Catalan independence had hoped an independent Scotland would set a precedent and spark their movement into motion.

The passing of the ‘consultation law’ could yet provide another set back as Cataluyna will now face stern opposition from Madrid, as the vote would be, in all but name, a referendum.

Effectively making an independence vote legal, which – in the opinion of Spanish central government – goes against the national Constitution.

Following the Scottish decision to remain in the UK, Rajoy praised the Scottish people for making the ‘right decision’.

He said: “With their decision, Scots have avoided the large economic, social, institutional and political consequences that separation would have brought.”

“Yesterday they chose between segregation and integration. Between isolation and being open. Between stability and uncertainty. And they chose the best option for everyone – for themselves and for Europe.”


  1. @Derek, perhaps answer why the people of Catalonia and the Canary Islands want to break away from Spain? I’m merely commenting on what are reported facts; it’s nothing to do with me personally. It’s strange how you just can’t distinguish between those two things. You are very grumpy for such a young person. Hormones perhaps?

  2. It was only ever a matter of timebefore the people would be allowed to vote on their own future. The best people to decide Catalunyas future is the people .

    Spain cant claim to be a democracy and not allow a democratic process to take place. It will happen. Spain will become more isolated as it tries to cling on to its ageing empire and undemocratic rule.

    If spain is so wondeful why would we want to leave?

    Pursuit of democracy

    Finally. Freedom.. choice.. the people .. democracy


  3. Yepp,

    the same intelligence as ex catalan minister Mr Pujol and the 2000 million euros he managed to steal from the catalans with all his “separatist show”. Separatism is very profitable, for some more than others.

    And the mob is an easy target to manipulate

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