20 Oct, 2014 @ 11:54
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Banking magnate Baron Rothschild to appear in court in victory for expats

AN Alicante court has issued a writ to indict and interrogate French banking magnate Baron Rothschild, who will now appear in court.

Spanish lawyer Antonio Flores, of Marbella-based Lawbird Legal Services, has succeeded in his demand for the Denia court to indict Baron David de Rothschild, the chairman of Swiss holding company Rothschild Continuation Holidays.

The writ comes as part of an ongoing criminal case against N.M Rothschild & Sons, for fraud and fraudulent advertising.

Lawbird is representing 15 expat couples in their action against the multinational investment banking company, after allegedly being mis-sold €4 million worth of fraudulent equity releases.

“A great opportunity has opened before us to exert maximum pressure on N.M Rothschild & Sons,” said Flores.

“It remains to be seen how the bank will tackle this setback. So far, , the Rothschild camp have stood firmly by their CreditSelect loan product, deriding clients’ claims and being dismissive of the authority and capacity of Spanish courts.”

There is also a civil case in a Malaga court against the bank for misleading advertising.

Flores claims the Baron is the person ultimately responsible for allowing the false advertising to be distributed in Spain for the bank’s CreditSelect Series loan.

Imogen Calderwood

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  1. When you look at who are the major shareholders of the fractional reserve banks in each country, you will see who is actually calling the shots.

    This problem will go away pretty damn quickly.

  2. There are quite a few more offshore banks and investment funds, whose names will eventually surface, involved in this alleged fraud. These people worked together with unscrupulous persons misrepresenting themselves as professional investment advisers when in fact they were unqualified, unlicensed cowboys working in Spain illegally.

    Hundreds of pensioners and millions of euros are involved in this scam. … and at last they are fighting back with some incredible support provided by Antonio Flores.

    Justice for Pensioners wish them all every success!

  3. We are the victims of Unqualified Unlicensed cowboys working with Unregulated cowboy banks in Unregulated cowboy offshore sinkholes supported and protected in their endeavours by the UK Mafioso Establishment.Its time the press took this seriously

  4. Just to be fair it isnt only Anotnio Flores who is attempting to obtain justice for the Rothschild victims,
    Salvador Martinez Eschevarria is also fighting for us.

  5. To be fair it seems Antonio Flores is the only one who is making headway with any of these scams/cases. Why isnt Salvador Martinez Eschevarria mentioned in any of these breakthroughs ??

  6. Gary,
    As far as I know as a Rothschild victim, there are 3 law firms involved.
    1. Antonio Flores
    2. Salvador
    3. IURA

    Our case has been heard in a Marbella court and we are waiting for the verdict which should come any day now, that is headway dont you think?
    Antonio is doing well, I dont know what IURA are doing.
    Salvador would not be mentioned in the Baron issue as Antonio Flores is responsible for the indictment in Denia where the good Baron has to appear.
    Salvador Eschevarria prosecuted a civil case for us in Marbella, the Denia case is criminal.
    At the end of the day a win for us is a win for everyone, if the case in Denia is successful it is a win for everyone also. I dont see it as a competition but others might.

  7. excellent news Jean, fingers crossed all goes well…it certainley is headway….its about time these people were brought to account…i wish you all the best and hope you get the result you and everybody else deserves.

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