Exclusive by Tom Powell 

IT began as an idyllic mountain walk for one expat family, with their two daughters, 7 and 11, and their Pomeranian dog, Montgomery.

But happiness quickly turned to horror when a local man viciously attacked their dog, leaving it unconscious and unlikely to ever walk again.

The couple, Swede Isabel Saunders-Lagrilliere and Canadian husband Michael, have now denounced the 70-something Spanish pensioner, who smashed the dog’s head with a rock after it frightened his chickens.

They have called in police and a lawyer after spending a hefty €2,000 on the veterinary bill, which ‘only just’ saved his life.

However, the court case is expected to be at least a year away.

“We were all in a terrible state of shock, and it’s a miracle our dog survived at all,” Saunders-Lagrilliere told the Olive Press. “This man must learn what he did was wrong.”

The two-year-old animal had been attacked while the family were on a walk between Bubion and Pampaneira in the Alpujarras.

The couple, who run a mountain bike company, were half way along the walk when they came across some large chickens and Montgomery started barking.

“We were all amused by the charming rurality of it until suddenly, without any warning, an old man ran out from the bushes and hurled a large rock at his head from less than a metre away,” she continued.

“Monty fell to the ground unconscious, bleeding profusely from his nose.”

The farmer then picked up another large rock and took aim again, only for their 11-year-old daughter to heroically crouch over the dog to protect him.

The dog was hospitalised for six days, two of which he was in a coma after his heart stopped beating for four minutes. He may never regain full movement.

The family, who live in Marbella but own a holiday home in Bubion, denounced the attacker to police in Orgiva, and an investigation is currently underway.

The children are now frightened to return to their home, while their father is currently unable to cycle after sustaining a knee injury in the attack.


  1. no Reap you were on about using violence against non violence. This sicko smashed a dog’s head in with a rock. Get real.

    Plus it’s a great deal more important than human problems.

    There’s ridiculous banter on this website, but KB is just a nasty troll. His posts are allowed on though, even though the victim of this crime is on here too.


  2. and don’t tar ALL the Spanish with cruelty against animals. That’s just dumb Brit anti-Spanish talk.

    More and more Spanish people we talk to care for animals (and are against bullfighting). Especially the younger generation.

    Just off to rip up a karaoke night poster somewhere.

  3. Whatever point of view one may have, this was clearly a very nasty, violent incident for Isabel and her family and to injure a dog like that was extremely violent and cruel to say the least.

    So why has this discussion degenerated into a tirade of unpleasant remarks? What is wrong with everyone, would you behave in this way yourselves perhaps? Not to condemn it is to condone it.

    I have lost count of the number of times that Isabel has been forced to defend herself and said that the dog was on a lead but even if it wasn’t (which it was) it does not justify this type of behaviour.

    It is bad enough for something like this to happen at all but to then be subjected to this type of reaction is dreadful. Sorry Isabel, as you can see, some of us on here are sympathetic.

  4. Jane, if Isabel goes to a newspaper and makes serious unsubstantiated allegations against a local person then chooses to follow this up with further comments here, she is going to have to expect adverse comments. Some commenters have doubts about her version of events, which is to be expected in view of the photograph of the dog without a lead. The insults have been directed at other commenters it seems, not Isabel.

  5. I think only 2 commentators have doubted Isabel’s version of events and Refill, one of them is you. They will have proof from the Vet as to the dogs injuries. Chickens on the road are no excuse. Different if the dog had entered private property.

  6. Doesn’t matter what we think Bryan. We have not heard any other account of the event. It’s up to the police and the court so what is your problem. We’re you a witness. Have you spoken to the old man or the Police, or Is dissent not allowed in your world?

  7. Derek, the ideal landlord for bad tenants. For the other idiots, hitting a dog over the head that has a lead on is a crime and if you do not think so you need to stop trolling and looking at your dimwit face in the mirror and ask what has become of you life where you are posting so much drivel and vile filthy opinion. Anyway, trolls are probably at school now. Isabel, pay no attention to them, they are no better than the man who did this.

  8. Quite right Derek, but don’t feel too bad about yourself. It’s probably treatable. Perhaps there is some kind of pill you could take. One of the early symptoms of being a troll is accusing someone who doesn’t agree with your view of the world as being one. It seems to happen a lot here.

  9. What an awful situation to be in Isabel.

    Don’t pay any attention to the brainless dimwits on here who keep asking the same question ‘Was the dog on a lead?’ it goes to prove that these self-important people would prefer to rant and rave and play devil’s advocate rather than actually study the plain facts before making an informed statement. These people are normally the embittered ex-pat type who does nothing for the community but complain and adopt an air of self imposed superiority.

    The main point here is that an innocent, defenceless animal was nearly brutally killed for simply walking a camino. What makes matters worse is that your poor daughters had to witness this event. I wish you and your family well and hope you get the result you deserve.

  10. Any idiot can use google translate, KB any man who chooses to attack a family and stones its dog be it on a leash or not causing its near death for barking at a group of chickens is a low life retard, I have lived in Spain for many years I am not Spanish, I have a successful business (Olive’s & Football School) I keep chickens, a few geese and a few sheep and understand barking can scare animals but to do what this Neanderthal is wrong. I do not know the family concerned but have looked and researched their business and they had greatly to their local spanish community.

  11. My dog and I were also beaten in Lanjarón this last February by a near by neighbor. My female dog was pregnant when his 15 years old brother in law jumped unexpectedly over a public garden near the road. The dog freaked out and pinched his left thigh with her teeth. No medical care was necessary though.

    The aggressor happened to be near by but did not see the incident. Nevertheless, he decided to take revenge and kick “my other” dog in the face just as I kneel to fix the dog collar. As a result, I was also kicked and wounded. The dog was so scared, he let himself loose from his leash as he moved away from the aggressor violent attitude.

    The town medical authority decided to take legal action against the aggressor, but he never showed up nor apologized for the incident. On the other hand, I was forced to apologize to his brother in law while I was still on my knees and threatened to be beaten up by five more guys (carrying mechanical tools) who also came out from a near by shop to support the aggressor actions.

    Ironically, and since the aggressor was a relative of a well known town-hall member, a new legislation came out a few days after to prohibit people from taking out their dogs without a leash, event though both of my dogs had leashes when all this happened. The police also threatened me with scarifying my dog if I decided to continue with a formal legal action.

    Almost a year after, I still suffer of anxiety episodes and PTSD symptoms when I walk out my dog.

    Apparently it is very common around the Alpujarras area to take justice as a personal matter instead of following the stablished legal action for this kind of incidents. This can happen to anyone here, even me, a local citizen and home owner who moved in only five years ago from a near by city.

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